Yellowjackets Writer & Star Address Question of cannibalism in the show

Yellowjackets season 1 teased cannibalism, but now the creator and one of the stars confirm that the survivors will eventually eat someone.

Contains spoilers for Yellowjackets Season 1.

yellow jackets season 1 teased cannibalism without ever confirming it happened, but now the showrunner and one of the stars are making sure the survivors will eat someone eventually. Showtime’s new hit follows the titular yellow jackets, a high school women’s soccer team stranded in the woods for 19 months after their plane crashed. One of the show’s many twists is that it follows the girls during their 19 months in the desert and 25 years later as adults.

Strange rituals, potential cannibalism, mysterious symbols and supernatural entities are brilliantly woven throughout the more grounded examination of the psychological and emotional fallout suffered by the main characters. However, yellow jackets season 1 never confirmed that the girls participated in the cannibalism, merely hinting at the possibility of it happening in the final moments of the first episode. The Showtime series became a word-of-mouth juggernaut as it headed towards the Season 1 finale, with theories sprouting up on Reddit and all over social media about whether or not the girls ate each other or if everything was just a red herring.


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Ella Purnell, who plays the hapless Jackie, apparently confirmed the possible cannibalistic turn in an interview with entertainment tonight, saying, “I mean, it’s gonna happen at some point. Let me put it this way: it’s gonna be a long cold winter.” While that seems like a vague promise, showrunner Jonathan Lisco had a bit more concrete answer as to whether cannibalism ends up being on the menu, telling Variety:

When I first got involved with this project, I had long discussions with Ash and Bart about the cannibalism of it all. And that’s not what it’s about. In fact, some of the comments I’ve enjoyed the most from our very enthusiastic fans are, “Wow, this is a show where the cannibalism is the least interesting thing about the show!” And that’s because we tried to have these characters with a lot of specificity and psychological nuance. ‘Cause in the end the show ain’t on if cannibalism is Why cannibalism and How? ‘Or’ What cannibalism. And it’s about this group of people, the young women in the middle90, who suddenly – ironically – find themselves more alive than they’ve ever felt in their entire lives. Because there’s a kind of rhapsodic freedom when they’re stuck.

Of course, it’s terrifying. Of course, it’s terrible. But at the same time, with all the gender conventions falling and the savagery of high school hierarchies descending into the woods, when they actually have to be themselves – a true version of themselves and trying to find how to survive, curiously, they come true in a way that surprises them, surprises their peers. Like, who are they?

And then, of course, they may have to resort to cannibalism. But it might not just be because of the rarity. Maybe it’s because of something much more complex: the new micro-society they have to build and the rules they have to form to survive. Not just physically, but psychologically and mentally.

cult of yellow vest cannibalism

Lisco’s comment that the show “is not about if cannibalism” certainly seems to indicate that the surviving characters will end up eating human flesh, but the larger story will explore “how” and “why” they make this twisted choice. This approach aligns perfectly with the yellow jackets‘ dealing with the supernatural, focusing on the psychological reason behind the appearance of supernatural elements when it comes to the main characters instead of making it a story about spiritual possessions and forest demons.

yellow jackets appeals to a wide audience as it is not a genre story populated by teenagers; it’s a story about how these teenagers deal with an incredibly traumatic event in their lives and how it influences their adult lives. Whether or not the girls end up becoming cannibals is almost irrelevant, because that’s not even the question the show asks. The psychological reasoning behind their slow descent into cult-like cannibalistic behavior and how it affects survivors as adults explains why yellow jackets has an abuzz audience for season 2.

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Source: entertainment tonight, Variety

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