Writer says it’s time to restore political balance in Iowa | Local

Submitted by Larry Peterson, Denison

We must restore the political balance in Iowa so that the rest of us – Democrats, Independents and moderate Republicans – are represented at all levels of government. My State Legislators, our 4th District Congressman Randy Feenstra and Senators Grassley and Ernst are not listening to my concerns. Republican control of the lowa state government results in measures that I believe do not reflect a majority of lowans.

– Put in place barriers to postal voting (HSB 719/SSB 3143) while falsely alleging electoral fraud.

– Prohibit police from enforcing federal gun laws such as background checks (HF 2303). Federal laws are the “supreme law of the land”.

– Pass a flat tax (HF 2317/SF 2206) costing the state $1.8 billion in revenue and saving millionaires an average of $6,700, but only $600 for middle-income families. A low-tax state is a low-service state.

– Adopt School Vouchers (SSB 3080) to channel public money from our public schools to private schools without accountability to Iowa standards.

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– Pit parents against schools with phony issues: critical race theory does not exist in the Iowa curriculum; Iowa teachers and librarians should not be threatened with jail (SF 2198); and parents are kept informed by Iowa teachers and administrators.

– Banning transgender female students from playing girls’ sports (HF 2416/SSB 3146) is a petty measure that singles out children for political points.

In Washington, Republicans are emulating Fox News’ right-wing misinformation to win votes. If the GOP controls the next Congress, we will face climate change inaction, stalled nominations, government shutdowns, and the perpetuation of the big lie about the 2020 presidential election.

Our government should try to represent us and accommodate all of us, not just the grassroots voters of one political party. I urge Democrats, Independents, and moderate Republicans in Crawford County to make their voices heard in the upcoming 2022 election.