Writer responds to criticism of weak leadership | Letters to the Editor

Editor’s note: The following letter is written as a rebuttal letter and is therefore not subject to the four-week policy. This will be the only allowed rebuttal.

I would like to respond to Ms. Rancourt and Ms. Gilles, who had problems with my assessment of Kamala Harris. Ms. Rancourt, you asked the million dollar question, “How come she’s the Vice President of the United States?” The short answer is that she met the qualifications of Biden, a non-white woman. While many experts and most Americans polled consider both to be incompetent, Russia, China and North Korea thank their lucky stars. The last 70 years of European peace that Harris spoke about include the genocide in Bosnia in 1995, the siege of Sarajevo in 1992 and the war in Kosovo in 1998. With the world on the precipice, you don’t send people like her to show determination and strength. Your statement proclaiming all the good that Biden and Harris have done for our democracy is the opposite of reality.

Madame Gilles, we all know how much of a psychopath Putin is. Beating your chest and gnashing your teeth is useless. In 1994, and reaffirmed in 2009, Clinton and Obama promised Ukrainians that their borders would be safe if they avoided their military and removed their large nuclear capability. They did and we didn’t. Crimea was annexed by Russia in 2014. In 2017, Trump sold $47 million worth of Javelin anti-tank missiles to help Ukraine.

Of course, I support Ukraine, but strong leadership here is what Russia is responding to. Biden and Harris actually emboldened our enemies. Me, Brian Blue and Pete Richmond are not radical non-Americans telling the truth ma’am! God bless America!