Writer NS Madhavan Highlights Flaws of Mammootty’s ‘CBI 5: The Brain’, Responds SN Swamy | Malayalam Cinema News

Mammootty’s most anticipated fifth and final installment of the CBI series, ‘CBI 5: The Brain’, is finally streaming through a popular OTT platform, and since its homescreen release, the film is getting mixed reactions. from the public. .

Recently, famous Indian writer NS Madhavan took to his official Twitter account and wrote a short review for “CBI 5: The Brain”. In his review, he mentioned that he absolutely loved Mammootty’s performance in the investigative thriller. He also mentioned that there were several flaws in the movie.

NS Madhavan’s Twitter note read, “Watched ‘CBI 5: The Brain’ on Netflix. Hats off to the Evergreen Mammooty! But the problems are there; large! From inside a flight, with no Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, how did the killer hack into the victim’s pacemaker? The film falls flat on information technology.

Several netizens came out in response to NS Madhavan’s Twitter post, with one saying, “Thefts have internet these days, and if the victim’s phone is connected to the internet and the pacemaker at the same time, it might be doable if the phone can be hacked.”

Now the screenwriter of ‘CBI 5: The Brain’, SN Swamy himself has come forward in response to NS Madhavan’s Twitter post. SN Swamy hit back at NS Madhavan and allegedly said that being such an accomplished writer, he should research the subject before reviewing a movie and posting it on any social media platform.

SN Swamy reportedly said he developed the script for “CBI 5: The Brain” after doing detailed research with technical experts. He also reportedly said that Mammootty is a person who knows all areas of technology and that if he had discovered such a flaw in the script, he would have reported it first.

SN Swamy further added that NS Madhavan could have done some basic research on Google before going to his social media platform and posting such a thing.

However, the explanation given by SN Swamy seems not to have satisfied NS Madhavan as he again took over his Twitter account and wrote a note saying that until 2020 internet was banned on all India flights and flights also crossing India. had such a ban. NS Madhavan further asked how a movie set in 2012 cannot be affected by this ban.

Meanwhile, Twitterati came in support of SN Swamy as majority of them claim that a movie is a work of fiction and such logical questions should not be considered.