Writer launches CoWrite, allowing brands to create their own fine-tuned large language models

With CoWrite, Writer can now support clients not only during the writing and editing phases, but also during the ideation and layout phases….

Writer, the AI ​​writing platform for teams, today announced the launch of CoWrite, the first GPT-powered AI writing tool to be trained on a client’s own content.

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of CoWrite and further assist GTM executives in their efforts to deliver consistent, on-brand content across all digital channels,” said May Habib, CEO and Co-Founder of Writer. . “With CoWrite, Writer can now support clients not only during the writing and editing phases, but also during the ideation and presentation phases. By giving clients the ability to create first drafts generated by the On-brand AI in a fraction of the time, CoWrite allows writers to speed up their content production process without sacrificing brand consistency or quality.”

CoWrite uses a client’s best blog posts, help articles, headlines, and ads to power branded first drafts that speed content production, increase conversion rates, and get more employees writing for a company.

Producing high-quality, branded content at scale can be at odds with the current pressures marketers face to freeze headcount and budgets. For years, Natural Language Generation (NLG) promised to fix this problem, but continued to underdeliver. Even the latest generation of GPT3-powered apps have produced results that marketers have found to be generic, repetitive, and uncalibrated for their brands.

Writer solves this problem by using a client’s content to build custom models and train on a client’s own data. Customers’ preferred terminology, style, and voice are all considered in the AI-generated output.

“When we compared Writer to other GPT/NLG apps, we found that these ‘one-size-fits-all’ companies didn’t deliver on the promises they were trying to make,” said client Ranjan Roy, vice president of strategy at Adore Me., the disruptive online lingerie startup. “I think the first thing that drew us to Writer was seeing first-hand how it solved real business problems and made content processes better and more efficient.”

Using CoWrite, the Adore Me team used AI-generated output to speed up writing everything from press releases to website copy and advertising, saving 30-40 hours a month per month. editor. “As a startup, time and resources are everything,” Roy said. “The ability to take those hours and lead people to bigger, higher impact, creative things makes a big difference, and I think gives us a competitive edge.”

Writer’s mission is to bring the power of great writing to everyone. Writer has raised $26 million since launching in August 2020 and has seen significant growth, more than tripling ARR in the past 12 months. The company now serves more than 150 major brands, including Spotify, Pinterest, Intuit, Twitter and Accenture.

CoWrite is now available to all Writer customers. To learn more and sign up for a free trial, visit: https://writer.com/product/cowrite/.

About the writer

Writer is the leading AI writing platform for teams. Writer enables GTM leaders to create a consistent brand across every customer touchpoint. Automated language generation and writing suggestions enable teams to accelerate content, align brand, and empower more writers on all types of content and communication.

Enterprise-grade and simple to deploy, Writer is widely deployed on leading brands such as Twitter, Intuit, UiPath, UnitedHealthcare, Accenture, and Spotify.

Writer is based in San Francisco and has raised $26 million from Insight Partners, Gradient Ventures, Todd and Rahul Angel Fund, Scott Belsky, Oliver Jay, Jack Altman, Allison Pickens, Packy McCormick, Lenny Rachitsky, Austin Rief, Ankur Nagpal, Alex MacCaw, Camille Ricketts, Vivek Sodera, Julia Lipton and James Beshara. For more information visit https://writer.com

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