Writer Defends Voices Opposing Sorrento-Blind Bay Incorporation – Salmon Arm Observer

Subject: Letter: Misinformation regarding Sorrento-Blind Bay incorporation is concerning

I agree with Ms Brown that the upcoming referendum vote is very important, but disagree with her suggestion that residents are uninformed and ‘basing their vote on gross misinformation’ .

There is no disinformation from the naysayers, and neither does Brown provide any. His support for incorporation comes as no surprise. Looking back, anything ever proposed by Area C’s director has always been strongly supported by Ms. Brown. This includes: failed garbage disposal proposal, offer to buy Centennial Field for $700,000 above estimated market value, etc.

Brown wants decisions to be made locally, but at what cost and where do these funds come from without any industrial base? Other sectors composing the CSRD do not claim incorporation, nor do they complain about the decisions made by others (including our director). While change is inevitable, the suggestion that a mayor and council can “manage change” better than CSRD is nonsense. Candidates for mayor and council often have their own private agendas. As some municipalities have found out the hard way, priorities can not only change, but even reverse, following the election of new council members.

While I agree that we should protect our lakes, Brown’s inference that incorporation will somehow solve septic problems is both naive and flawed. To accomplish anything meaningful, we must consider all contributing riverside communities including: Lee Creek, Scotch Creek, Celista, Anglemont, Sunnybrae, Harold’s Park, Tappen and Pierre’s Point, as well as boating, etc. That is why pollution is a federal matter. Nor should anyone rely solely on the CSRD website for information. Instead, also talk to residents (not mayors) of other incorporated communities and ask them how the change was handled and at what cost? Although it is imperative that you vote, please do your own research and use common sense.

Ken Smith,

on behalf of the concerned citizens of Blind Bay

Regional District of Columbia Shuswap