Writer confirms Nicole Kidman will return for another AMC ad campaign

Don’t worry moviegoers: The heartbreak will continue to do AMC good.

Following its viral success, America’s largest movie theater chain is already working on a sequel to its “We Make Movies Better” ad campaign. Nicole Kidman, the face and voice of the campaign, is also set to return – thank goodness.

Billy Ray, publicity writer and scribe of several memorable films, including The hunger Games (“I volunteer in tribute!”) and Captain Phillips (“I’m the captain now.”), the news confirmed to vanity lounge. “It’s already written.”

Ray and Kidman have been collaborating for years. He directed it in 2015 with Secret in their eyes and wrote the screenplay for Kidman’s latest project, The silent woman. Kidman personally asked Ray if he would write the ad. “When Nicole first asked me to do it, I was just doing it as a favor,” Ray said. “I said I would do it for free just because I’m a fan and a friend of hers.”

Since premiering online in September last year, the campaign has become a post-ironic anthem for moviegoers across the country. What started as same the mockery slowly turned into a complete embrace of the advertising’s complete lack of irony. Fans testified watching fans recite the announcement, from memory, at the theater; an avid fan even did custom t shirts.

“No one saw this coming,” Rey assures. “Nobody.”

The campaign, which is the Very expensive for a movie theater to date, has been so successful that AMC extended Kidman’s contract for another year. As diehard fans have speculated, Kidman will return for the follow-up to the announcement. “Of course it’s with Nicole,” he confirms. “I won’t do it without Nicole.”

“All I can tell you about this is that we’re not stupid enough to go against what we’ve already done and try to top it,” Ray said when asked. asked what the public could expect. “It’s a very, very different approach that’s a bit of a nod to what we’ve done before.”

Will it be as perfect and powerful? Only time will tell.