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How to Make Fried Turkey

Note that frying a turkey is not an easy job and there are so many ways it could go for you in the kitchen. Even though this process will present so many challenges for you, you will not manage it with a few cautions, and therefore following the steps that you learn here you will not find this daunting. You ought to know that there are some key things that you will have to look into when you are getting ready to make the fried turkey and thus these will be preparing your tasty marinade and the part where you will be injecting the marinade into the turkey. If you find this a hustle, you might want to consider marinating the turkey from the no outside. There is also an option for you to marinate the turkey in rub and injection which is the best way to about this process for the results will be tremendously tasty and juicy. The process of injecting the marinade also is not a simple one which will require you to make as little holes on it as possible. This will sound very stressful but the results will be very impeccable and therefore all you are required to do is sticking the needle in one hole and then moving it in different directions which will help you in marinating a huge area using a single hole. After you see all these processes through, you will now be ready to start frying the turkey.

First and foremost, you are advised to consider being thorough while you are gathering everything that you will need for the task at hand. Therefore after you have evaluated your kitchen and attained all of the right tools that will help you in this process, you have to consider starting with boiling the oil to the correct temperatures.

The second tip is placing your turkey into the oil and ensure that out is dry from the outside. Note that when you decide to dry the turkey before Deeping into the oil will help you avoid spilling oil all over the kitchen section which is a major mess and hard to clean off. Then you should leave the turkey for some time in the oil while you change the sides to get fried properly.

In summation, you should take the turkey you of the oil after it is well fried up. Therefore for you to know if the turkey is properly cooked from the inside, you will have to consider measuring the temperature to know if it is perfectly cooked for if it is undercooked you will not like it. Therefore the thermometer should be reading 80 degrees C. Note that if it is not perfectly cooked, you should fry it further under-regulated heat.

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