We interviewed the author of The New Doctor Strange and got a ton of interesting information about him!

Some of the coolest things we learned about Michael Waldron’s “Multiverse of Madness”:

-One of the first things he came up with for this film was the concept of “Dreamwalking”

-He nearly killed Wong, but ultimately decided against it as they felt this story had enough casualties

-Wanda decimating the Illuminati is her favorite scene in the film (along with Zombie Strange stuff) and was inspired by the most shocking “Game of Thrones” moments like the Red Wedding and the death of Ned Stark

-Tom Cruise as Iron Man was never really a possibility because of his filming schedule, but they discussed all the cameos in those Illuminati spots you can imagine

-Most Illuminati stuff was filmed in pieces because not all of the cast’s schedules lined up, but Hayley Atwell (Captain Carter) and Lashana Lynch (Captain Marvel) were two of the heroes actually on screen together

-Kevin Feige was personally a big proponent of Professor X’s yellow floating chair and jingle theme as a nod to the X-Men cartoon

Wanda actually rips Professor X’s head in half to kill him.; Waldron wrote that she broke her neck in the script, but the VFX team went wild and made it a separate face

-Waldron was surprised how much graphic stuff was allowed in the movie, like all the corpses burned at Kamar-Taj after Wanda’s assault

-The idea for using musical notes in the Doctor Strange vs. Evil Doctor Strange fight came from storyboard designer Doug Lefler, who also came up with the upside-down kiss in Sam Raimi’s original “Spider-Man”

-Whenever fighting was discussed in this film, the bar for creativity was set at Strange vs. Thanos in “Infinity War”

….and we even tried to squeeze some details out of him about his movie ‘Star Wars’ (and also be thrown into it) towards the end of that conversation, but didn’t get much – so we just talked about the Dark Jar Jar theory with him.

This led us down a rabbit hole where Waldron told us about this insane page from an official Star Wars comic where Jar Jar’s (George R Binks) father tries to kill himself but fails…

I think this is a really interesting and fun conversation for anyone interested in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – Waldron is the absolute man and a legit Stoolie who has incorporated Barstool references into his work before….