Was Meghan Marohn harassed before disappearing to Lee? A writer and friend says yes | Crime

Meghan Maron

Meghan Marohn, an English teacher at Shaker High School in Latham, NY, has been missing since March 27.

LEE – A prominent writer who knows Meghan Marohn wrote this month that she told friends a man harassed and harassed her, prompting her to flee to the Berkshires after taking time off from work.

But police and other officials don’t publicly respond to questions about that possibility, raised in one piece by Chris Hedges, commentator, writer and former journalist.

The article was published on July 1 by Sheerpost, a progressive blog.

“A few days before Meghan Marohn, a 42-year-old English teacher at Shaker High School in Latham, NY, disappeared, she confided in friends that she had gone into hiding to escape a man who had ‘brutally harassed and intimidated'”. because I wouldn’t sleep with him,” Hedges wrote. “She said she was too scared to stay home, especially when she saw him walking past her house. She was granted teaching leave and camped at the Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge.

Meghan Marohn (copy)

Meghan Marohn, who has been missing for almost four months, is shown here writing poetry for her Troy Poetry Project.

When asked about it, Lee Police Chief Craig DeSantis said he wouldn’t speculate and reiterated that his department, along with state police and the Berkshire District Attorney’s Office, are all following up. tracks.

“It’s not on the back burner — it’s still an active investigation,” DeSantis said. “Our goal remains and still is to resolve this issue and find Meghan.”

Investigators are continuing to expand the search beyond the South Lee trailhead area near Church Street where his car was found in late March, he said. This includes a search along the Housatonic River Corridor from Lee to Stockbridge, “and Glendale at some point” traveling by kayak and using side-scan sonar and underwater cameras.

“It’s not tied to any specific information, it’s just to be very thorough,” DeSantis said of the river search.

craig desantis holds a press conference (copy)

Lee Police Chief Craig DeSantis speaks at a press conference in April regarding the ongoing search for Meghan Marohn. There is no evidence to suspect foul play, he told The Eagle. He won’t speculate that Marohn was harassed.

The Berkshire prosecutor’s office referred questions about what Hedges reported to Lee police.

In May, the FBI declined to say whether he was involved in what is believed to be a missing persons case.

Marohn’s brother, Peter Naple, did not respond to requests for comment about Marohn saying she was being harassed. Hedges could not be reached to provide further details.

As the Marohn case appears to be cooling and approaching the four months since her disappearance, her family, friends and others continue to press law enforcement and even lawmakers for answers.

They recount their anguish in the face of Marohn, a poet and activist who adored the moon, literature and nature.

Marohn, of Delmar, NY, had checked into the Red Lion Inn on March 24 and planned to stay there until March 30 after a work-related emotional upheaval, her brother, Naple, previously told The Eagle.

A Lee resident saw Meghan Marohn's car parked for two days and then called the police.  Neighbors watched the search for the missing New York woman unfold

She was last seen on Sunday, March 27. His black 2017 Subaru Impreza was found at the Longcope Park trailhead near Church Street in South Lee on Tuesday March 29. when an ice storm gripped the county.

His last cellphone signal was located in a residential area, less than a mile from where his car was found.

the police fan out into the woods looking for a woman

A group of State Troopers, Lee Police and members of the Lee Fire Department head to a new search location near the Janet Longcope Park trailhead on Church Street in Lee during a search for Meghan Marohn, 43, a woman from New York who has been missing after hiking nearby since Tuesday. Wednesday March 30, 2022.

In her article, Hedges links Marohn’s disappearance to the culture of violent men and the broader crisis of missing women and girls, many of whom are people of color and don’t get enough media attention when they go missing. .

Hedges met Marohn at an Occupy Wall Street encampment in 2011 and later got to know her after she moved to Troy, NY, where he went to give talks, he wrote.

Hedges wrote of his open heart and the pain that flooded him.

“She was too good for this world, too trusting, too caring and too vulnerable. She paid for it by being heartbroken many times over,” Hedges wrote. “She carried beneath her exuberance the weight of the sadness that accompanies unrestrained love.”

It's been exactly two months since Meghan Marohn disappeared from the Berkshires.  Almost without a trace

He wrote down the titles of the books his brother found in his room at the Red Lion Inn. One was “The Heights of Machu Picchu” by Pablo Neruda.

A close friend of Marohn wrote last week on the Medium website that Marohn was about to start a new life in Washington state. Anna Mercury wrote about her friend’s pain.

“Something inside her was broken, broken by loving too much, seeing too much, and being too right in a world gone wrong,” Mercury wrote.

Of her disappearance, Mercury wrote, “Fifteen weeks and I can’t put the pieces together. None of us can.