Valve must create Portal 3 soon, according to the writer

Portal co-writer Erik Wolpaw has called on Valve to put a third game into production soon – before the original development team gets too old to return.

“I’m not getting any younger,” Wolpaw told KiwiTalkz (thanks, Kotaku). “We’re getting to the point where it’s crazy to think [the original development team is] literally going to be too old to work on Portal 3, so we should.”

Unfortunately, Wolpaw recognized Valve’s business considerations focusing some of its workforce on a Portal 3 – especially when the company instead had Steam, which prints money, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. , which was a huge success.

“The problem is with 300 employees… and I don’t know the exact distribution [between] the production side versus the Steam business side versus the legal side…there are a lot of opportunity costs in taking 75 people and trying to make a game,” Wolpaw said.

“Even though it seems like Valve is often just a bunch of people sitting around sipping gin and tonic, everyone is working.”

“[Is Portal 3] will make money with Counter-Strike GO? Probably not,” Wolpaw continued. “But…maybe not all games need to make money with Counter-Strike: GO. Gabe, if you’re listening…”

The original Portal arrived 15 years ago, in 2007, and became an instant classic for its cerebral first-person puzzle solving. The critically acclaimed sequel to Portal, which added Stephen Merchant’s robot Wheatley and the co-op campaign, arrived in 2011. Despite various spinoffs, a decade passed without a third entry.

Wolpaw is currently a freelance writer, although he has returned to work on Valve-related projects such as Half-Life Alyx and Aperture Desk Job. Regarding Portal 3, Wolpaw said he would volunteer to work on it “in a second”.