Trial begins for ‘How to Murder Your Husband’ author

– That a novelist who once wrote an essay called “How to Murder Your Husband” was accused of doing this thing made headlines in 2018. More than three years later, Nancy Crampton Brophy is on trial. June 2, 2018, death of her husband Daniel Brophy. But as KGW reports, a judge ruled on Monday that the essay could not be used as evidence, citing its age, that it was written for a writing seminar and its prejudicial nature. Learn more about the trial in Multnomah County Circuit Court in Oregon:

  • The reproach : Chef Daniel Brophy, 63, was shot dead at the Oregon Culinary Institute early one morning as he prepared for the day’s work. There were no security cameras and nothing was stolen from Brophy. His wife was arrested in September; traffic cameras reportedly captured his van in the area at the right time. Senior Assistant Deputy Minister Shawn Overstreet says she would have had 13 minutes to commit the murder.
  • The alleged motive. Overstreet alleges that money was the driving force, claiming that between life insurance, workers’ compensation and home equity, Crampton Brophy would have made over $1 million. “More than a thousand dollars a month were poured into [life insurance] politicians at a time when they were struggling to pay their mortgage,” he alleged.
  • Defense. Defense attorney Lisa Maxfield countered that her client’s financial situation had actually worsened because she was not on the couple’s property deed and she was so upset she couldn’t not return to work. She explained the insurance policies by saying that Crampton Brophy had worked in the sale of insurance policies on several occasions and had bought them to show her confidence in the product and because she had an incentive to do so, reports the oregonian. And the big reason why she didn’t, according to Maxfield? Love.
  • The pistol. The allegations are quite complex, so it’s best to read KGW’s perspective, but all parties agree that Crampton Brophy bought a Glock pistol at a gun show (his lawyer says it was for research). It is known that she also bought a slide and a barrel. Prosecutors accuse him of changing the exhibits to thwart the forensic investigation.
  • Tuesday testimony. Clarinda Perez, the student who discovered Brophy’s body, spoke up. KOIN reports that she said she was working as a medical assistant and immediately started CPR. She didn’t realize he had been shot and said she didn’t see any blood initially. Sobbing, she said: “His chest was really spongy and I thought I had broken a rib because as I continued to do compressions my hands started filling with blood.”
  • More background. Crampton Brophy, who also wrote 2015 the bad husband– which tells the story of a woman who escapes her abusive partner and falls in love with another man – previously described how her life inspired her fiction on her website. “You dig deep and unearth parts of your own life that you have long forgotten or purposely buried deep,” she wrote, adding that “my stories are about…the joy of finding love and how hard it is to get him to stay.”
  • Details. The trial is expected to last seven weeks and Crampton Brophy is expected to speak.

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