Tom Hardy will be co-writer of his next film Venom 3

Tom Hardy is set to be part of the next Venom movie. The actor recently took to Instagram and shared a preview of the script for Venom 3 and revealed that he would also be a co-writer on the project. Hardy won the hearts of fans with his tragic character Eddie in the first Venom movie as he brought a rather likeable anti-hero to life.

In his post on the Gram, Robust uploaded the title page of the script which had his name listed under the “story by” section alongside Kelly Marcel who wrote the first two editions of the franchise. Interestingly, Hardy blacked out the film’s title, leading fans to speculate that it might contain a spoiler. As of now, it hasn’t been revealed if Ruben Fleischer or Andy Serkis will return to the franchise to helm the threequel. Although Serkis has already shared that he would be ready to join the party.

Check out Tom Hardy’s announcement about Venom 3 below:

Serkis in a December interview noted, “There’s so much potential in the Venomverse for some really interesting journeys before the sort of inevitable happens,” per Comicbook. He went on to add, “I think Kelly and Tom have been thinking about the next leg of the journey anyway. They would have been thinking about…They would have had plans for where they could possibly go after this… You have to, when you get into a franchise, of course you have to think about the arc, you can’t just think about it individually.

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