The writer questions Nave’s thoughts on the war in Ukraine –

For the editor:
Regarding the editorial of DD Nave in the STAR of Wednesday March 9, 2022.
Apparently, Mr. Nave does not read the newspapers or watch the news, with the possible exception of the Fox network about the Russian attack on Ukraine. Doesn’t he know that Russia has attacked a friendly country and is killing men, women and children by the minute. Ukraine does not want to defeat Russia as he says, it wants to be left alone and free.
Where Mr. Nave gets his quotes, I only wonder. Apparently he has a book of quotes that can match any equation. I have never heard of most of its sources except the infamous Glen Beck. What an excellent source – Glen Beck.
I would ask Mr. Nave to watch the news to see the thousands, if not millions, of Ukrainians who have had to flee their homes to escape the onslaught of Putin and the Russian military. Yes, there is a good guy and a bad guy in this situation. The Russians and Putin are definitely not the nice guys, Mr. Nave. As I assume, a Christian, Mr. Nave says the United States should be guided by “nationalism and an American-first policy that only serves the vital interests of the United States.”
Maybe you need to research WWII to remember what Nazi Germany did to Europe and would have done to the world had it not been for the intervention of the United States and its allies. Almost too late.

dick ryan