The writer had no respect, civility

Doug Blois Camarillo Acorn The July 9 letter contains numerous inaccuracies.

It incorrectly states that CRT is taught in Ventura County schools. The Glans The July 2021 article states, “Oxnard Union School District Superintendent Tom McCoy has issued a statement regarding the CRT. He said critical race theory was not part of the district curriculum.

Arguing out of ignorance, Blois may have his own opinion but not his own facts. He was apparently unhappy to learn of the genocide against Native Americans, the enslavement of African Americans, post-Civil War bigotry and segregation, and, 80 years ago, the Japanese American concentration camps in California. These are undeniable facts that some find personally distasteful.

He makes inaccurate facts against public schools. Historically, American public schools have been a central structure of our democracy. Confusing public schools with the current culture wars is destructive and does a disservice to our children and our communities.

In fact, the decline in public school enrollment is less, less than 2% recently, than the decline in the state’s school-age population, which has been about 5% since 2018.

It targets a favorite of culture war warriors, Planned Parenthood, which is partially funded by such radical institutions as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Buffett Foundation and the Ford Foundation.

Communities that do not have access to Planned Parenthood programs have a 15% higher maternal mortality rate. Planned Parenthood is a women’s health organization; abortions represent only a fraction of the services provided.

It is simply not Mr. Blois’s role to dictate to anyone his personal choice when it comes to gender identification, LGBTQ identity or other personal association. It is the personal right and the business of an individual, and it is not the business of Mr. Blois.

Some are able to give everyone personal respect and civility, others are not. Michael Collie Camarillo