The writer disparaged U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Nasser Hussain disparages US Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez by comparing her to newly elected US Representative Mayra Flores. He only mentions one policy difference – abortion – but then criticizes AOC for not growing up poor enough, even though her financial difficulties were real, she didn’t get married, she didn’t no kids, she’s making headlines, “she’s not Catholic enough, and she’s not Latin enough.

I don’t agree with Flores’ politics, but I would never disparage her for her life journey or her choices. I’m done with the good girl versus bad girl trope, and I’m done with a man like Hussain who believes he has the right to influence personal decisions made by women.

Deborah McNabb

Misplaced punishment

So let me make sure I understand the logic here:

Uvalde Robb’s elementary school principal is suspended while the governor and lawmakers uphold laws that allow a teenager with an as-yet-undeveloped intellect to buy assault weapons? They keep the jobs that determine who lives and dies?

A locked door wouldn’t have stopped a determined shooter from causing damage. The punishment given to the school principal and the police chief of the Uvalde school district is out of place.

Philippe Escobedo

CPS should donate

Re: “No CPS energy bonus”, your turn, Monday:

I strongly share the opinion of Gilbert Flores. However, let’s go a little further.

Every CPS bill has a place asking for donations to help those who are having trouble paying their bills. I am lucky to have enough income to cover my utility bills. How about each CPS leader pledging 5% of their salary to this fund and allowing independent auditors to confirm donations?

William Baron