“The Bible’s teachings on surviving death are accurate”

Posted: August 30, 2022

Photo courtesy of Lee Strobel/Facebook

Writer Lee Strobel on the afterlife: ‘The Bible’s teachings on surviving death are accurate’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Author Lee Strobel is famous for his book “The Case For Heaven” and his quest to find answers to what happens after we die. Strobel brought his spiritual journey to the big screen with a documentary of the same name and recently discussed his thoughts on the afterlife.

Strobel began to wonder what happens after we die after suffering from a medical condition. He collapsed and was rushed to hospital, where doctors discovered he had hyponatremia, a rare blood condition.

“I almost died,” he explained. “It was a contact with death. It was a very clarifying experience because when you’re in that position you don’t know what’s going to happen. Nothing becomes more important than what happens when you close your eyes. for the last time in this world.”

He continued, “This experience made me think about the fact that we are going to spend a lot more time in eternity than we will spend in this world. So it’s worth our time. It is worth exploring to come to solid resolution and conclusions about what is happening in the life to come. Even though I am a Christian and believe what the Bible teaches about the afterlife, I still have a skeptical background. My degrees are in journalism and law. So, I wanted to know, is there any evidence that the Bible tells us the truth about life after death?

Strobel interviewed doctors, spiritual leaders, and others who have had near-death experiences.

“[My research] lends credence to what the Bible tells us,” the author shared. “We have corroboration that can give us assurance that the Bible’s teachings on surviving death are accurate. Like I said, I came into this as a skeptic thinking I was going to find out that it’s an overhyped phenomenon. But I leave this study with increased confidence that the Bible is true.

“When we read what the Bible says about the afterlife, it often uses figurative language and metaphors to try to explain to us truths that we may not fully understand,” Strobel continued. “The Bible says, ‘No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined the things that God has prepared for those who love him.’ We get a glimpse of the afterlife through the teachings of Jesus and through what the Bible tells us about the life to come.

He concluded: “There is a part in the Bible where Jesus speaks with his disciples and says that there are many houses in his father’s house. He uses the metaphor of the house. Heaven is our real home. We are only passing through this world. This is what near death experiences and the teachings of the Bible should create in us. A homesickness for our true home and a desire to finally spend eternity in the presence of God.

The Movieguide® review of THE CASE FOR HEAVEN reads:

THE CASE FOR HEAVEN has good production values ​​and tackles a tantalizing subject matter. Lee Strobel’s reflections on his book and on life carry the main weight of the documentary. The film affirms the gospel message that we are sinners who deserve hell, but that Jesus gives eternal life through his death and resurrection. It also strongly emphasizes the importance of fatherhood and parenthood. THE CASE FOR HEAVEN contains graphic descriptions of near-death experiences, demons and horrific dreams. However, these are animated and not visually graphic. MOVIEGUIDE® advises caution for young viewers.

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