Tennis writer calls US Open anti-Vaxx mandate protest ’embarrassing’

Those still clinging to their masks and viewing the unvaccinated as lesser humans have scored a victory this week as unvaccinated Novak Djokovic is banned from competing at the US Open.

The CDC updated its guidelines earlier this month admitting there is no longer a difference between the unvaccinated and the vaccinated, but New York, the US Open and the woke crowd won’t agree reality.


Djokovic won Wimbledon in July, would be the US Open favorite if allowed to play, and is one Grand Slam shy of Rafael Nadal’s record 22 titles. However, he is not allowed to enter the United States to chase history, as he has made a personal choice not to have the substance injected into his body.

Ahead of the first round of play at the US Open on Monday, a group of demonstrators stood outside the entrance to the event to protest the vaccine mandate.

(Video credit: Steve Sanchez – FNTV)

According to Tennis Channel columnist David Kane, it is “embarrassing” to protest against the government making the vaccine compulsory for non-citizens entering the country. Also note that Kane assumed the protesters were anti-vaxx, not anti-vaxx mandate.

Facts only matter when the Blue Check Squad wants them to.


In reality, the only thing that is embarrassing are the ridiculous mandates that prevent the best tennis player in the world from competing.

Tennis fans and real people alike were quick to call out Kane for his ridiculous tweet.

The CDC has admitted that Djokovic, as an unvaccinated person, should be treated the same as those who have been fully vaccinated. These are the facts, so how can there be any possible justification for banning him from entering the country and participating in the US Open?

There are not any.

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