Tahira Kashyap is “lighter”, but “not on the scales”; the writer writes a note about the loss of “self-doubt”, “anxiety”, “fear”

In 2017, director and screenwriter Tahira Kashyap wore a pista green ensemble for the first time. She wore it again, very recently – but there’s “a lot of difference”, she pointed out in her last Instagram post.

“Of course, the outfit remains the same, neat and pretty, but the person wearing it has transformed. I was several kilos heavier at the time. Of course not physically. less at the time, but 100 kg more in terms of self-doubt, anxiety, shyness, fear, disbelief, as well as doubt and nervousness most of the time,” she said. writing.

Tahira, who is married to the actor Ayushmann Khurranawrote how, over the years, she became “lighter”, but “of course not physically”.

“Do the clothes have a story? I wore this outfit in 2017 for my very first stint as a director of a “sweet” short film Toffee. And I wore the same recently, in 2022 for an enlightened festival. What is the difference? I see a lot of difference!” she said.

Pointing out that the 2017 photo reflected her insecurities, Tahira said she is much more confident now. “See the awkward pose, knowing smile, stiff feet and outstretched hands in the 2017 photo. I’ve come a long way and I’m sure there’s still a long way to go. But I’m lighter, of course not on the scales but in terms of acceptance, love of self, happiness, calm and confidence. I am more joyful, able to give love and be loved too. Everything is a question of the state of life. Body, shape, outfit make no difference. All that matters is your living condition,” she said.

The mother-of-two opened up about hers breast cancer battlehis career and his growing self-confidence.

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