Tagus Press publishes a bilingual collection of poems by Portuguese writer Camilo Pessanha

DARTMOUTH — The poems of Camilo Pessanha, arguably Portugal’s greatest symbolist poet, are now available in a bilingual book published this month by Tagus Press, the editorial arm of UMass’ Center for Portuguese Studies and Culture. Dartmouth.

“Clepsydra and Other Poems” by Camilo Pessanha was translated by Adam Mahler and features an introduction by K. David Jackson.

Clepsydra is the only collection of poems by Camilo Pessanha to have been published during his lifetime.

“Meditating on the inexorable flow of time, Pessanha contrasts the music of his verses with the whispering water clock that gives the book its title,” reads a press release announcing the launch of the new book. “This new annotated translation by Adam Mahler recreates in English the haunting melodies and evocative dreamscapes widely admired and imitated by Portuguese modernists such as Fernando Pessoa.”

The original version of Clepsydre, published in 1920, contained 30 poems. The new 144-page bilingual volume also includes 18 compositions that appeared in subsequent editions, making it the most comprehensive scholarly edition of Clepsydra in English, according to its publishers.

Portuguese poet Camilo Pessanha (1867-1926).

Besides Camilo Pessanha, Mahler has translated works by Santob de Carrión, Bernardim Ribeiro and António Nobre. Doctoral student in Romance languages ​​and literatures at Harvard University, he was the recipient of a Fulbright research grant.

Jackson is a professor of Luso-Brazilian literature and culture at Yale University. He is the author of “Unwanted Genres in Fernando Pessoa”.

Clepsydra and Other Poems is Volume 15 of the Adamastor Series, edited by Viktor Mendes (UMass Dartmouth) and Ricardo Vasconcelos (University of California, San Diego). It was published with the support of DGLAB/Cultura and Camões, IP – Portugal.

The book is available for sale on the University of Massachusetts Press website at https://www.umasspress.com/9781951470081/clepsydra-and-other-poems/