Sujish Kandampully has become an incredibly energetic writer and a multi-talented personality

As an electrical engineering alumnus and energetic writer, Sujish Kandampully is also an entrepreneur, nutritionist, blogger, author, photographer, and philanthropist. He has been perceived as an international poet on poetic soup, which is the largest group of global writers in the world.

An energetic reader and author of the book “Soul Strings” has been distributed by YourQuote alongside his various works distributed as a co-author in over 30+ treasuries. Much of his work depends on his own journey. Sujish brought a deep dive into the expanse of life where he seeks to understand the central meaning of human existence and their excursion in light of which he has thought up some truly stunning and touching magnum opuses. His work can be useful to everyone if you can understand the deep meaning behind it as he spoke about the realities of life. You have to be exceptionally adult to the point of having them. His raison d’être is to help improve the lives of individuals by spreading energy through the entirety of his composed works and he continues to do so forever as a songwriter. He is only 28 years old, and it is truly mesmerizing that young people of this age can understand and reveal to us the importance of life in such an excellent way. You can watch his work on venues like YourQuote and Writco. Assuming you are ignorant, YourQuote and Writco are the fastest growing local area of ​​makers, artists, authors, and scholars across India’s topographies and dialects.

As a social worker, Sujish also worked with the NGO WAVE (Women Against Violence and Exploitation) for two successive years (2017-2019) first as a volunteer and then as District Coordinator of Nagpur region. Helping people in need is what he loves and it’s in his blood. For now, he is salvaging his social work momentum by making specific foundation foundations in India and, surprisingly, abroad through the program launched by Samsung-The Global Goals which is supported by the United Nations. Likewise, he intentionally donates his blood like clockwork. At this point, he has donated over 30 blood and 5+ platelets and continues to serve individuals with honorable hearts. He urges everyone to do so as well on the grounds that it can potentially save many lives. He says, “You don’t have to be an expert to save people’s lives. Once in a while, even your most modest demonstration or commitment is worthwhile”. India is truly thrilled to have individuals with such amazing personalities!

The excursion doesn’t end here as he struggles to keep the fire in him as a businessman. Sujish is the originator of SK Goodwill Distributors, a transport company in Nagpur, established in November 2020. What is so extraordinary and exceptional about this is that he took the mental strength to start a business during the COVID-19 pandemic as different organizations shut down. For being effective in his startup in a deeply serious field, he was awarded the title of “Startup of the Year 2021” by the Rising Star India. We wish him an extraordinary achievement ahead with many more honors on the list.