Subham Chandra is an aspiring writer, photographer and future doctor from Bhubaneswar

Subham Chandra is an aspiring writer, photographer and future doctor from Bhubaneswar. Born and raised in the land of art and creativity – “Utkala”, he dreams of attracting his viewers with his art. He grew up reading a plethora of literature – from regional Indian to international, as well as being devoted to nature and passionate about capturing its beauty through the lens. He has participated in and won various regional and national writing and debating competitions and believes in the idea that “self-reliant youth can improve this nation and can maintain its integrity and fame”.

He has been writing since the age of 11 with short stories that will appear in community magazines. He has written for anthologies, blogs, skits, dramas, and an ongoing novel. He cites his father, Shri Subodh Chandra Acharya (OAS), as his greatest mentor and guru. With that is his mother, Smt Madhumita Mishra, his grandfather Er. Taarak, his friend Jaideep and his mentors who had guided him on this path – Mister Panda and Mister Bhui.

He comes from a humble Bramhin family who have been teachers (Acharyas and shastris) by profession and he wishes to follow in the footsteps of his ancestors by building his legacy in the life sciences.

As a writer, he idolizes Nirala, Premchand, Gabriel Marquez, Gurudev Tagore, Sadat Manto, Kafka, Jhumpa Lahari and manoj Das. His writings are mostly Kafkaesque realistic and with a touch of realism.

As a nature lover and biology enthusiast, he admires the efforts of Rom Whittaker, Maneka Gandhi and Baba Amte.
He wants to open a non-profit chain of medical and veterinary rehabilitation centers when he grows up, for that he religiously follows the direction of the man he believes to be his” khuda” – Dr. APJ Kalam . He was always inspired by “Flaming Spirits” by Dr. Kalam and wants to work hard to build the nation that Kalam dreamed of.
By the Grace of Lord Jagannath he will be make your dreams come true and wish the best for all dreamers.