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DETROIT LAKES — Leah Flugel, a freshman at Detroit Lakes High School, is a triple-threat talent in the performing arts: she acts, she dances, and she can write her own plays. In fact, she could even be called a quadruple threat, as a choreographer.

Flugel will have a unique opportunity to express all of his artistic muses in an Acting Club Showcase taking place this Friday, March 25 at the Historic Holmes Theater in Detroit Lakes.

The Young Adult Acting Club of which she is a member will perform a play called “The Shadow Dancer,” which Flugel herself adapted from a short story she wrote a year ago.

“The story was about a young girl whose father died in World War II (during the D-Day invasion of Normandy) and her mother died in childbirth,” Flugel said, adding that the daughter had been left alone to take care of her baby. brother. “It is told by the spirit of death.”

Charlotte (Leah Flugel) tends to her baby brother David (Jake Erickson) in a scene from “The Shadow Dancer,” which was written by Flugel for this Saturday’s Holmes Acting Club Showcase.

Vicki Gerdes / Detroit Lakes Tribune

Because their father had been the clock repairman assigned to work on Big Ben in London and they were familiar with the layout of the clock tower, the two young children secretly moved there.

Every evening, the young woman danced to express her emotions, her hopes and her fears; she lit a candle to dance, and so the shadow of her dance was illuminated on the surface of the clock, visible to those watching from below.

Shadow Dancer 3.JPG
Leah Flugel (Charlotte), right, works with Holmes Acting Club member Julia Franco (Death) on a scene from Flugel’s play, “The Shadow Dancer,” which debuts this Saturday, March 25 in Detroit Lakes’ Historic Holmes Theatre, part of the Holmes Acting Club Showcase.

Vicki Gerdes / Detroit Lakes Tribune

Unaware of her identity, audiences dubbed her “The Shadow Dancer,” Flugel said, hence the show’s title.

Because Flugel is also an experienced dancer, she was the natural choice to play the female lead, Charlotte, and to choreograph the dance which she also performs during the production.

Shadow Dancer 4.JPG
Holmes Acting Club member Andrew Nunn (dad) in a scene from “The Shadow Dancer,” which will be one of three performances included in an Acting Club Showcase scheduled for this Friday, March 25 at 7 p.m.

Vicki Gerdes / Detroit Lakes Tribune

“I used two songs: ‘Soldier’ ​​and ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’,” she said.

Actress Lorraine Bahr, who serves as a mentor and teacher to aspiring actors in Holmes Theater’s three drama clubs – adult, young adult (grades 6-12) and youth (grades 1-5) – said the The Shadow Dancer’s tragic themes are “very dramatic – that’s what I love about it”.

She said she hopes Flugel will continue to develop the piece and work on her writing and acting in the future – which Flugel herself has said is entirely possible.

“I really loved acting from a very young age,” she said. “I also like to write, when I can.”

Leah Flugel.JPG
Leah Flugel, a freshman at Detroit Lakes High School, wrote and starred in a play called “The Shadow Dancer,” which will debut as part of a Holmes Acting Club showcase taking place this Friday, March 25 at Historic Detroit Lakes Holmes Theater.

Vicki Gerdes / Detroit Lakes Tribune

While this was her first experience writing a game script, Flugel said she appreciated the opportunity and finished the draft over a weekend in January.

“I think I’ll keep writing, and maybe do more plays too,” she said.

“The Shadow Dancer” will be the second of three performances scheduled for Saturday’s Acting Club Showcase, which begins at 7 p.m.

The first, which features the Youth Acting Club, will feature scenes from the Disney movie “Encanto.”

“They’re doing five songs from the movie,” Bahr said, adding that part of the fun was showing students the differences between an animated movie and directing a live-action play, and how to adapt to one another.

The Adult Acting Club, which will perform last, uses scenes adapted from a character development exercise, as well as a scene from Arthur Miller’s iconic play “All My Sons.”

“We have three actors involved,” she said, adding that each of them was asked to create a scene based on a character they had developed.

“We started with an open theme…it’s a bit ambiguous,” Bahr said. “From this open and basic theme, they developed brief monologues that each of their characters will speak to the audience, to flesh out the characters they created.”

Each club’s performance will last around 30 minutes, Bahr said. For more information, call the Holmes Box Office at 218-844-7469.

Set 1 (Grades 1-5): “Inspired by Encanto”

  • With: Jameson Brodsho (Little Carlito), Evelet Baker (Dolores/Percussion Orchestra), Peyton Blom (Julieta/Percussion Orchestra), Mirama Hansana (Mirabel), Adly Jaehning (Isabela), Kendra Nowell (Pepa), Brenna Patterson ( Luisa), Reid Sunram (Coffee Kid/Bruno); Tyson Thomas (Camilo) and Lorraine Bahr (Abuela)

Set 2 (Grades 6-9): “The Shadow Dancer”

  • Cast: Jake Erickson (David), Leah Flugel (Charlote/The Shadow Dancer), Julia Franco (Death) and Andrew Nunn (Dad/Frederick)

Ensemble Three (Adult Acting Club): Open Scene and excerpt from “All My Sons” by Arthur Miller

  • Cast: Dennis Bestge (Dr. David/Joe Keller), Coral Labbe (Imedia/Ann Deever) and Mary Metalak (Andi/Kate Keller)

What: Holmes Acting Club Showcase
When: 7 p.m. on Friday March 23
Or: Historic Holmes Theater, 806 Summit Ave., Detroit Lakes
How? ‘Or’ What: Free entry; photography without flash is permitted. Open to the public.