‘Strange’ Writer Jed MacKay Breaks Down Doctor Strange’s Return

Doctor Strange lives! In Jed Mackay and Marcelo Ferreira STRANGE (2022) #5, the Harvestman removed his mask, revealing nothing but Stephen Strange underneath. Following his recent disappearance(s), Stephen has become another type of Sorcerer Supreme and now obeys another master: Death itself. Although he has hidden this terrible truth from his wife Clea, who has taken over her old role in his place, their mutual pursuit of the blasphemy cartel brings them closer and closer – and neither of them may be prepared. to what will happen next.

Speaking to Marvel.com, MacKay explained exactly why Stephen Strange was never destined for a peaceful afterlife. He broke down Strange’s new look as Harvestman, describing it as “the reverse” of his Sorcerer Supreme costume. He also teased the Blasphemy Cartel endgame, Clea’s eventual confrontation with Stephen, Wong’s major role in the upcoming issue, and more.

MARVEL.COM: How long have you been planning to bring Stephen Strange back into the fold? Why now?

JED MACKAY: Well, I wouldn’t say he’s in the fold just yet – but Stephen Strange is definitely back in the game, and as we know by now, since STRANGE (2022) #1. Price, too busy to retire to the afterlife, and as Death Sorcerer Supreme, we see him working behind the scenes. To what end? We will have to see.

MARVEL.COM: Stephen has a new look! Tell me about your work with Marcelo Ferreira to create his Harvestman alter ego.

JED MACKAY: I had an idea of ​​what I wanted the Harvestman to look like, and Marcelo, in typical fashion, created something better. We were looking for something that would be the inverse counterpart of the Sorcerer Supreme – the sinister garment of Death, in contrast to the rich panoply of life that magic and the Sorcerer Supreme represent. Death mask, keys and lock, tattered cape and scythe…Marcelo took the shell of an idea and came up with something iconic.