Starfield’s lead designer and writer is an Elder Scrolls and Fallout veteran

star field, despite its launch at the end of this year, is still very mysterious. While we know a few things about the game, we still don’t have any gameplay and any solid idea of ​​what the title will actually look like once it launches on Xbox Series X/S and PC later this year.

Luckily, then, that Bethesda is starting to leave us with a trail of crumbs, hopefully heading for some sort of big reveal. The latest piece of Starfield news we received comes from the Bethesda websitein a new blog introducing us to Starfield’s lead designer, Emil Pagliarulo.

The blog reveals that Pagliarulo is a Bethesda Game Studios veteran with 19 years of experience at the studio. Projects bearing his name range from The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind to Fallout 76, and – elsewhere – Thief Gold.

“Literally, the day I got to Bethesda, I was put on the Bloodmoon expansion for Morrowind,” he explains in the blog post (which will be music to the ears of people hoping for that classic flavor of Bethesda in Starfield).

The more recent Bethesda games have also inspired it. “Thinking about it now, Fallout 3 really stands out,” he explains when asked about his favorite Bethesda project to date. “We had just acquired this classic IP, and it was my first time directing, and we really had to create everything from scratch. So there’s a lot of things that have become franchise staples, that I had to help create from whole cloth. VATS, the lock picking mini-game, the dialogue system, some of the new creatures and weapons. Meeting Liam Neeson to record his lines – how can you beat that? And, you know, Fallout 3 wasn’t a huge game, really Not by Bethesda standards. But it was tight…and it was very well received. So there was this feeling that not only we didn’t ruined everything, but we had really created something special. It was an exciting time.

Elsewhere in the blog post, Pagliarulo notes that Cyberpunk and the PlayStation Spider-Man games made him shake his head in disbelief, thanks to the technical achievements present in the titles. “I really like playing games that just make me shake my head, like, ‘Wow. I know how they did that, and that’s a crazy feat.’ The last Spider-Man games have been like that for me. Or Cyberpunk. Man, creating a giant, open-world environment like Night City? That’s no small feat. Really impressive.”

So while we don’t have any solid gameplay yet to wrap our eyes around, it’s good to know that Starfield is in the hands of someone who has that classic-era and 360/PS3-era Bethesda. in the blood.

If you’re curious about the game, everything you need to know about Starfield ahead of the game’s launch later this year can be viewed in the link or in the video embedded above. We hope to hear more about the game soon.