Sony Music Publishing UK signs Ed Sheeran co-writer Kal Lavelle to global deal

Sony Music Publishing UK has signed a worldwide publishing deal with singer-songwriter Kal Lavelle.

Irish-born singer-songwriter Kal Lavelle co-wrote Ed Sheeran’s #1 hit Thrillwhich has achieved top chart positions in the UK and around the world.

Thrill climbed to No. 1 on Billboard’s Pop Airplay chart in February.

The song also won Song of the Year – backed by Hipgnosis – at the 2021 A&R Awards.

Lavelle currently works in the studio with artists across a wide range of genres, Sony Music Publishing explains.

These include KOLIDESCOPES, Izzy Bizu, RHODES, Naughty Boy, Harry Stone, Eddie Serafica, Cian Ducrot, James TW, DJ Zinc and Alex Hosking.

Elsewhere at Sony Music Publishing, in the United States, Nick Bral was recently promoted to Vice President, Creative, at Sony Music Publishing.

Meanwhile, Thomas Krottinger was also promoted to vice president, Creative, at the company in March.

“I am very lucky to be part of the Sony Publishing family.”

Kal Lavelle

Kal Lavelle, said: “I am very fortunate to be part of the Sony Publishing family.

“And that’s exactly what it feels like, like family.

“I’ve had incredible support and belief since signing, especially from Tim Major.

“Authenticity in my relationships with people and creating works of art are important to me and I am delighted that Sony shares this vision.

“A very special thank you to Ed Sheeran, Jim Doyle, Paul Spraggon, Dominic Drummie and all of the wonderful Sony team.

“I’m forever grateful for this opportunity and can’t wait for all the festive Guinness to arrive!”

“One of the highlights of the last year for me was getting to know Kal.”

Tim Major, Sony Music Publishing

Tim Major, Co-Managing Director, UK, Sony Music Publishing, added: “One of the highlights of the past year for me has been getting to know Kal.

“Not only has she had incredible success with Thrillbut she is clearly on a mission!

“Seeing that fire in someone is very inspiring and it is now our job to make sure it burns for a long time.

“She has a rare ability to connect quickly and deeply with other songwriters and she encourages honest and genuine collaboration in everything she does.

“I have to thank Jim Doyle and Ed Sheeran for introducing us and, of course, Kal for trusting Sony Music Publishing.”

“Kal Lavelle is an incredible songwriter with immense versatility and drive.”

Dominic Drummie, Sony Music Publishing

Dominic Drummie, A&R, Sony Music Publishing, said: “Kal Lavelle is an incredible songwriter with immense versatility and drive.

“Having worked so hard for years, I’m thrilled to see Kal’s talent and determination reflected in the huge success of ‘Shivers’. I’m thrilled that we can be a part of Kal’s journey, and I can’t wait to see what else this year has in store for him.The music industry around the world