She-Hulk Writer Reveals Marvel Employs One Person To Keep MCU Timeline Straight

There are times when a franchise can get a little out of control and need someone to keep things in order – to the best of their abilities. It seems Marvel Studios is no exception, and with a host of directors, writers, and now universes to contend with, it’s no surprise the company is employing someone solely to keep up with the ever-expanding timeline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. According She-Hulk: Lawyer writer Jessica Gaothis person was their go-to to check that everything stacked up in the larger Marvel narrative.

With every new series and movie released by Marvel Studios, there are fans who quickly jump on the smallest retcon or gap in the MCU timeline. Some of them have recently focused on She-Hulk’s debut thanks to its inclusion of Bruce Banner in human form and with a healed arm. Of course, as you would expect, although some details have been found Avengers: Endgame somehow, Gao explained that everything still fits properly into the MCU timeline thanks to their MCU guru. She said The Direct:


“It’s definitely post-post-Endgame. There’s actually a person at Marvel whose job is to lay out the timeline of everything. And we’ve been checking in with him a lot about where the timing is. And so it’s like …the show lasts a few years after Endgame.”

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Marvel’s timeline is getting harder to pin down

As the Multiverse Saga unfolds, so does the universe, or universes, in which it unfolds. Where Phases 1-3 were somewhat linear in their storytelling, with the odd exception of the likes of Captain Marvelwhich delivered a mostly “prequel” story that then delved into the current timeline, Phase 4 was difficult to pin down precisely due to the introduction of many new characters regardless of the overall storyline, and many movies and TV shows all going on in the same approximate time frame.

Avengers: Endgame featured a five-year time jump between its opening scenes and the rest of the film. Now, the MCU timeline is mostly set around 2024 or later, and it works in the sense that Phase 4 was all about dealing with how the characters involved in End of Game have faced the aftermath.

With so many stories to tell, the End of Game the jump kept the timeline from falling behind the real world, so by the time Phases 5 and 6 happen, everything will be in sync again in real time, because events that take a few years to happen are very likely to happen. on screens will actually all happen in a shorter amount of time in the MCU timeline, that’s the only way to do it. However, with so much to consider about where post-credits scenes and characters fit into the complex tapestry, the one person keeping it all in line may have a job that some die-hard Marvel fans would love to do, that’s also a job that many will not be envious of.