She-Hulk Writer Reveals How ‘Lawyer at Law’ Was Added to Official Title

Why is it called She-Hulk: Lawyer when the series was originally announced as simply She-Hulk? The answer has been revealed. Debuting on Disney+ on August 18, She-Hulk: Lawyer stars Tatiana Maslany as the titular lawyer/superhero. The show was created by Jessica Gao who serves as editor.

In a new interview with pirate of life, Gao commented on the show’s title situation. She revealed the title change happened after Marvel boss Kevin Feige watched footage with the team. When Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner uttered the phrase, Feige realized it would make a good TV show title, and from then on, She-Hulk: Lawyer blocked.


“We always got the line on the show where Bruce says ‘She-Hulk lawyer, that sounds good’. And one day we were watching cuts and when it came to this scene Kevin just said ‘it is a good title for a show, it should be the title of the show”. And that’s it. You know, when Kevin Feige’s golden tongue speaks, it becomes canon and that’s really how it happened.”

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Jessica Gao had a good feeling about She-Hulk as a comedy

As to what really prompted Jessica Gao to pursue a She-Hulk series, which can be attributed to comics with John Byrne. Gao really enjoyed these comics and found them different enough from other superhero fiction to think it would be good inspiration for a comedy series.

“He had this levity and was also silly and didn’t take himself too seriously. I loved that it was really meta and I loved that she was super self-aware. She knew she was in a comic. It was so new and different. She would argue with Byrne [in the comics], she argued with the editor and she also laughed at comic book tropes. So to me, that’s the iconic She-Hulk and so, of course, that naturally lends itself to half-hour comedies.”

Gao also noted that the show’s writing came from a mostly female staff, each of whom contributed to the story based on their own personal experiences.

“We all had these experiences, everyone had a different perspective and point of view and we just undermined each other’s lives. Mostly it was just a lot of talk about what it’s like to be a woman and what it would be like to be a woman who’s a superhero and in the public eye. You started to see a lot of commonalities and a lot of themes emerge and those are the things that we really brought into the show.”

You can find She-Hulk: Lawyer streaming on Disney+.