She-Hulk Writer Explains Why The MCU Series Changed Jen’s Origin Story

She-Hulk writer Jessica Gao shares reasons for the changes in Jen’s origin story, noting that the comic book mob hit didn’t fit the MCU as a whole.

She-Hulk: Lawyer Writer Jessica Gao has revealed why the Disney+ series chose to take a different approach to the origin of Jennifer Walters’ powers.

gao said Reverse why the events leading up to Jennifer becoming She-Hulk were changed from those in her comic book series. 1979 The savage She-Hulk had Jennifer getting caught in a mob shot put on his dad, a The Los Angeles sheriff who had crossed paths with a dangerous crime boss. Jennifer then transforms into She-Hulk when her cousin Bruce Banner gives her an emergency blood transfusion to counter her gunshot wound. However, Marvel Studios superiors didn’t think that backstory worked.

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“There were several reasons for making these changes,” Gao said. “Marvel execs specifically didn’t want to make it a hit with the crowd. I think it was because it didn’t seem to vibrate with the show.”

She-Hulk’s MCU Origins Explained

The rick and morty The writer then went on to say that establishing Jennifer’s origins from the comics would have taken too much valuable time, especially when the writing team was more interested in exploring how the 30-something lawyer would deal with her newfound powers. rather than how she would have obtained them. “You would have to put together a ton of backstory,” Gao explained. “You can’t just drop this. We really wanted to go, we didn’t want to spend half an hour explaining why this happened. […] The interesting part for us was watching this woman deal with it all and trying to process it.”

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Finally, Gao noted that Bruce willingly donating his blood to Jennifer would not have been befitting his character as portrayed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as Avenger viewed his special abilities as a burden rather than a benefit to the majority of people. his life. “To me, that just didn’t ring true for the Bruce Banner we know,” the writer said. “We watched him over a decade, and he struggles with it. He’s tormented by it. He saw it as a curse. It took him a decade to come to a place of balance. and acceptance. He never saw it as a big thing. It forced him to not even have romantic relationships. I just can’t imagine that Bruce would voluntarily choose to give what he considered a curse.”

The first episode of She-Hulk: Lawyer is streaming on Disney+ with new episodes airing Thursdays.

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