Prayer transforms the invalid’s widow into a hostess

WILL POINT, TX – Gospel for Asia (GFA World) founded by KP Yohannanwhich has inspired many charities like Gospel for Asia Canadato help the poor and needy around the world, discussing Nala, a widow, the despair her illness and pain brought, and the work of God through the prayer of a GFA World pastor who brought healing and transformation.

Nala, her son and daughter-in-law are grateful for Pastor Chinua’s prayers, encouragement and friendship. Their lives will never be the same again.

Nala lay helpless in her bed. The pain in her spine stubbornly refused to subside and the widow no longer had the energy to fight it. For a long time, Nala’s son, Abebe, dutifully escorted her to see various local doctors and religious leaders, looking for a way to ease her back pain. But the proposed remedies failed to improve Nala’s condition. Nala grew weaker and her family impoverished as her condition and the expense of finding a cure took their toll.

As Nala wondered if there was anywhere left to ask for help, she was visited by GFA pastor Chinua.


Pastor Chinua lived in the village of Nala. When news of her declining health reached her ears, Pastor Chinua decided to visit Nala and offer her encouragement and hope. Nala and Abebe welcomed Pastor Chinua and some people from his church into their home. During their visit, the group prayed earnestly for Nala’s healing and shared good news from scripture with the despairing woman.

“Jesus said, ‘Do not let your heart be troubled; believe in God, also believe in me,” Pastor Chinua told him. “Therefore, if you believe in Jesus, he will heal you and bless you. Trust him.

miraculous healing

The day after Pastor Chinua’s visit, Nala noticed a decrease in her pain. She told her son, “Because of the prayers, my health is improving.

Abebe was surprised by the rapid progress of his mother’s health. He had been by her side as they tried medicine after medicine, ritual after ritual, to no avail. Now, just a day after Pastor Chinua and his friends prayed, she has already seen visible improvement.

Watching the effect of prayer evident in his mother’s body, Abebe and his wife recognized the power of God. They invited Pastor Chinua to return home to pray and answer their questions about this God named Jesus.

Pastor Chinua returned of his own free will, sharing the hope of God’s Word and inviting them to church.

Not only did the family start attending Pastor Chinua’s church, but they also started holding a prayer meeting at their house.

“If the pastor hadn’t come to my house, I might have died,” Nala said. “Although I went to see many doctors for my health and sacrificed many animals…for my healing, nothing helped me. Now I understand that it was God’s plan to save my life, and I’m getting better every day.

Thanks to a compassionate pastor willing to visit his neighbor, Nala and her family are forever changed by the power of prayer to a God who hears and answers.

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