Playground Games Fable Lead Writer Promoted to Narrative Director After Working on Control

And about the next Avatar game from Massive Entertainment. playground games Employee Anna Megill announced her promotion on her Twitter account. Prior to that, she worked at the studio for over a year and a half as a lead writer and was involved in the reboot of Fable.

Megill will continue to be responsible for the action role-playing game reboot, but now in a more responsible role as narrative director.

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Prior to joining Playground Games, Megill worked at Arkane on Dishonored: Death of the Outsider, Remedy on Control and Massive Entertainment on Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, slated for release in 2022.

Fable was announced in the summer of 2020, and there was only a CG teaser. In this context, the network began to report problems with the production of the game, in particular due to the engine.

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In June, the project’s producer commented on this, which indirectly confirmed that Fable’s development was not going smoothly.

In a previous post, at the end of May, information from the podcast of Colteastwood, a well-known blogger in the Xbox community, has spread on the network that the developers of Fable from the Playground studio have encountered problems while working on the game on their ForzaTech engine.

Therefore, they had to rethink the scope of the game and drop some of the mechanics they wanted to implement.

Verified Insiders haven’t confirmed this information, but a day later Fable producer Amy Look said that reviewing the game’s scope is a normal development process.

However, gamers felt that by doing so, she indirectly confirmed that the Playground had changed its plans regarding what the next Fable would look like.

This process allows the team to focus on a clear game vision that they can deliver on time without killing themselves. Unfortunately, games that don’t go through this process properly are often shelved and their developer’s crunch.

In other words, Look hinted that people unfamiliar with game development might misunderstand the information received and present it as bad news regarding issues working on the game.