‘Percy Jackson’ Creator Provides Casting Update For Upcoming Disney+ Series

Pre-production is currently underway in Vancouver, Canada for the first season of “Percy Jackson And The Olympians”, based on the popular books by Rick Riordan.

The new Disney+ Original series is aimed at a general audience and in particular tweens, teens and young adults, the live-action series tells the fantastical story of a modern 12-year-old demigod, Percy Jackson, who has just come to terms with his new supernatural powers when the sky god Zeus accuses him of stealing his lightning master. Now Percy must cross America to find him and restore order to Olympus.

Recently, Rick Riordan shared some updates on the progress of the Disney+ series, including sharing an interesting update on concept art and costumes for the series.

So many things to think about that would never have occurred to me: what kind of backpack does Percy use? What kind of t-shirts would he wear? What kind of scabbard does Annabeth use for her dagger? Is Grover a type of cargo shorts? And the most important question: which pattern does Chiron prefer in his sweater vest?

We looked at various mockups for camp armor and weapons, different shades of orange for camp t-shirts and how each would appear on camera, and even a “mood board” of different types of blue candy. We also saw some early Riptide replicas and were able to play with them. The blades were sharp, but somehow I managed not to hurt myself or anyone else. All this to say: Everything is looking good and I’m very happy with the way the project is going. I think you will be too.

On Friday, we had a videoconference with the higher-ups from Disney Studios to show concept art: monsters, world environments, etc., and they were very happy. It’s quite spectacular. Of course, we will continue to tweak and improve everything, but this world will come to life in an incredible way.

There was also an interesting cast update on the Disney+ series’ main characters, with Rick Riordan saying:

Casting – yes, I know that’s what you want to hear about. I think we’re very close to having our main trio of Percy, Grover and Annabeth, but I can’t announce anything until we have all the necessary approvals, deals done, etc. even longer than that. Be patient! Please don’t harass Ashlee or Becky on social media. Ashlee doesn’t know any more than you do, and Becky can’t tell any more than I do. As soon as we can say something, we will, but asking for news more often won’t magically make news appear faster.

Just a guess, I’d say we’re still at least a few weeks away from being able to announce anything, and when we announce the top three tracks, we’ll probably announce them all at once (but that’s JUST my personal guess ) . At the same time, we have started the process of finding our other players. You know the ones: Sally, Mr. D., Chiron, Luke, Clarisse, Gabe, Mrs. Dodds, etc. This is not a spoiler. It’s basically all the characters in the novel The Lightning Thief. This research is in its early stages. We’ve sent “sides” (sections of script to read) to agencies for some candidates to consider, but I haven’t seen any casting tapes yet, nor is there a definitive list of possibilities. Just ideas at this point, but very exciting ideas!

Currently, they are just finishing scripts for the series, with the first four scripts completed and the other four episode scripts yet to be completed. The good news is that the writing team has an unobstructed view of Vancouver, Canada.

The series will be overseen by Jon Steinberg and Dan Shotz. James Bobin, who once directed an episode of Disney+”The Mysterious Benedict Society, will direct the first episode of the “Percy Jackson” series. And it was recently revealed that Anders Engstrom (Helstrom) and Jet Wilkinson (Daredevil) are attached to the series as directors.

No release date has been announced for the series. Filming isn’t expected to start until the summer and with plenty of special effects to be added, it won’t arrive on Disney+ until next year at the earliest.

Are you looking forward to the new Disney+ series “Percy Jackson and the Olympians”?

Roger Palmier

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