Paul Heyman’s impression of former WWE writer Brian Gewirtz

Former WWE head writer Brian Gewirtz mentioned the villainous impression of Paul Heyman he makes in his new book, “There’s only one problem.” So when he joined us for an exclusive chat, of course, we had him do it on camera.

Gewirtz and Heyman worked as editors for RAW and WWE SmackDown, respectively. During their time together, the duo had their fair share of disagreements, including a “swat” fight. That didn’t stop Gewirtz from emulating the legendary manager’s unique ways.

Speaking exclusively to Sportskeeda Wrestling, Gewirtz said the following:

“Well, first of all, thanks for reading it and enjoying it and all. It was one of those things. When you work so closely with people, I was always one of those people who could make great impersonations of my friends and people in my orbit. So it wasn’t necessarily famous people. (2.18-2.39)

Gewirtz’s Heyman impersonation was based on Martin Short’s legendary character, Jiminy Glick. Until it was mentioned in the interview, this humble interviewer never put two and two together. Now, unfortunately, he just can’t hear it.

“But you work so closely with Paul and pretty much everyone. So I’m kinda preparing to get there because I’m usually really bad on the spot. My Paul was and I wouldn’t often but I find myself quoting Paul, as I mentioned in the book, I don’t know if you remember Jiminy Glick, Martin Short’s character from the mid-2000s.” (2.40-3.06)

Look at the print below:

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Paul Heyman and his former WWE colleague have since made amends

In the same interview, Gewirtz mentioned how cordial and friendly he was towards Heyman, someone he had had a disagreement with during his time in WWE:

“There’s a lot of love. There’s a lot of hugging. There’s a lot of ‘we’ve been through wars together.’ There’s a mutual respect.”

While Gewirtz may have moved away from sports-entertainment at this point in his career, Heyman is still very much in the same business. As our readers are no doubt aware, he is currently aligned with Roman Reigns and manages The Bloodline.

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