Packers Beat Writer Makes Incredible Prediction About Aaron Rodgers

GREEN BAY – There’s simply no denying that Aaron Rodgers had one of the best NFL careers a quarterback could have.

A Super Bowl ring and four MVPs, including back-to-back MVPs, are just the start. And it’s not just any start. That’s about half a mile ahead in conversation for the greatest of all time.

Few quarterbacks — in fact, almost none — have or have had Rodgers’ skills and there have been virtually no QBs who can function out of the structure the way Rodgers has during his career.

Rodgers also has the lowest intercept rate in NFL history (1.3%) among quarterbacks with at least 3,741 career pass attempts.

So not only is he a dangerous playmaker with elite traits; nor does he return the ball.

That’s about as close to perfection as you can get.

But Rodgers is approaching a milestone that is not only hugely impressive, but it’s a milestone that no NFL quarterback has even come close to sniffing: throwing 500 career touchdowns to just 100 career interceptions.

There are only four quarterbacks to throw for 500 or more touchdowns in NFL history: Tom Brady (624), Drew Brees (571), Peyton Manning (539) and Brett Favre (508). These four quarterbacks have at least 200 career interceptions, with Brady’s 203 being the lowest. And, when Brady threw his 500th career touchdown in 2018, he already had 166 career interceptions to his name.

If Rodgers hits the 500/100 mark, that would be 66 fewer interceptions than Brady, who is considered one of the smartest and least turnover-prone quarterbacks in league history. And, he would accomplish that in one or two seasons less than Brady, depending on when the milestone is reached.

Which is damn impressive.

Turns out Packers beat writer Wes Hodkiewicz, thinks Rodgers will get the job done.

Hodkiewicz wrote the following in one of his recent letters:

“I think Rodgers hits 500 TD before hitting 100 INT, although it may take until 2023 to do that. I’m sure Spoff could give you the full stat breakdown on that, but Rodgers has been so knowledgeable about his throws over the past two seasons, with 85 TDs (it takes 51 to reach 500) and just nine INTs ( he has six to spare). before reaching 100), which I think it does the job.

There really isn’t much else to say here. If Rodgers can pull off that milestone, throwing 51 touchdowns for just nine interceptions would only add to the incredible feat. It doesn’t matter if he does it in 2022 or if he has to wait until 2023 to get there. It’s absolutely ridiculous that Rodgers is on this trajectory, to begin with.

And did you notice the little nugget in Hodkiewicz’s answer? His wording of “it may take until 2023 to do that” implies that Rodgers will be back in Green Bay or another date in 2023.

You can check out Hodkiewicz’s full mailbag, here.

Featured Image via Wm. Glasheen/USA TODAY NETWORK