Outsourcing—Do it! ; Content production with a professional writer; and “The City”

Jared thinks you all need to talk about outsourcing. Lawyers, as high achievers, think they can do it all on their own, but they’re probably just wasting time and money. Jared explains the profitability of outsourcing work outside of your area of ​​expertise so you can focus on what really matters.

Next, have you ever had a great content idea for your legal website/blog/video/social media account, but just don’t have time to flesh it out? Jared talks to writer Mike Feldman about how ghostwriters help companies put their thoughts into words to create great content online.

And, finally, Jared and Mike are joined by their wives, Jessica and Kathleen for the Rump Roast! Jared’s new quiz, “The Town,” seeks the four players’ views on how the ultimate city dweller should act in a variety of scenarios.

Michael Feldman is the founding CEO of Chalkbridge Ghostwriting & Content.

Kathleen Feldman is an accountant at NFS Leasing and a city councilor in Beverly, Massachusetts.

Jessica Correia works at a law firm, supports Jared and has two podcasts: Escape: A Travel Podcast and fab 5.

For our last Rump Roast, we got in touch with our surroundings – well, MY surroundings in particular – but maybe it’s worth exploring the world beyond Beverly, MA. So here’s a playlist on places: the more local, the better!

Our opening track is Two Cigarettes by Major Label Interest.

The music of the minute from the Legal Trends Report is I See You by Sounds Like Sander.

Our closing track is Ent Her Stel Luh from Cast of Characters.

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