Open Forum: Questions the Author Didn’t Answer About Electric Vehicles | Winchester Star

William Meier’s May 17 letter to the editor didn’t answer anything about the carbon footprint of electric vehicles.

The word footprint indicates that you start at the bottom; the resources that go into any product. Sorry William, you don’t start with the tailpipe.

Currently, there are two ways to obtain lithium for an EV battery.

1) Mine it, which is almost as bad as hydraulic fracturing. It takes thousands of tons of soil to get one ton of lithium. One ton is only 90 stacks. The earth loses other minerals, making the land barren for hundreds of years – no vegetation or trees and no animals. Then you still have the opportunity to pollute rivers and streams. How much gas and exhaust comes from mining equipment to dig and haul thousands of pounds of dirt to make 90 batteries, William? I’m not a minor so I don’t know, but I bet it’s a lot! Maybe put a crawler excavator in your exhaust emissions calculator? Arizona has a mine that is licensed to do so, and a few other states are seeking a license, North Carolina being one of them.

2) Extract the lithium with water, pump it to the surface and then extract it from the surface. It only takes 500,000 gallons of water to get one ton of lithium – again, 90 batteries. Of course, this is best done in open arid areas, so the water evaporates leaving the lithium and other minerals on the surface. Arid areas always have 500,000 gallon increments of water just waiting to be pumped out. Let’s destroy the ecology of the whole area, including drinking water for humans and animals. Make drylands barren as hell!

Another question for Guillaume.

Suppose one day we all have electric cars and you are stuck in Fredericksburg in a snowstorm with thousands of cars. I assume they direct charging stations to cars and tractor-trailers? Do children freeze to death first? Maybe a week or two later they’ll all be charged and ready to go.

I believe we all need to go hybrid in the future, not EV. If you want to help be green, don’t shop at Walmart and the dollar stores and buy all the crap from China. They pollute more than anyone.

Scott Miller

Frederick County