OBI-WAN KENOBI’s Original Screenwriter Reveals Reva’s Original Story, Which Makes Much More Sense

Reva’s story arc in the Obi Wan Kenobi the series was confusing. His motives and actions throughout the series were all over the place and really didn’t make sense.

Prior to the announcement of this series, Stuart Beattie had written several drafts of a screenplay for an Obi-Wan Kenobi film that was originally to kick off a planned film trilogy. He recently shared all kinds of details about this trilogy which you can read here. I loved the direction he was going to give the story, and he actually seemed to have a better understanding of star wars and the characters.

Well, he’s now revealed details about the original story arc he wrote for Reva, and it makes so much more sense than what happened with her on the show! In the show, it was revealed that the Imperial Inquisitor was one of the young Jedi who survived Anakin’s violent attack in Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sithand that she has been hunting Obi-Wan ever since.

In the original version of her story, Reva did not know that Anakin was Darth Vader. It was something she was aware of on the show, however. about what Beattie said The Direct:

“I was like, ‘How did she know that?’ All she saw was Anakin as Anakin because he hadn’t changed his costume yet, had he?So Anakin killed his friends, put the scar on him , almost killed her, left her for dead, basically.

Exactly! She would never have even known that Anakin was Vader! It’s not like he tells people he’s Anakin Skywalker. So what is his motivation for wanting to kill Jedi? The writer goes on to explain:

“So in her mind, the Jedi Council were the biggest bad guys in the galaxy. She believed the lies that they were plotting a coup to overtake and gain power and all that, but they were stopped by the Clones .So she believed that was why she hunted Jedi, because she believed the Jedi were the worst, basically.”

As a young child, that’s exactly what they would get out of this terrifying situation. Beattie then revealed that, in her version of the story, Reva is killed by Darth Vader, after finally finding out who he really is, and she chooses to sacrifice herself to save Kenobi to atone for her past sins against the Jedi. . Beattie also explained:

“It was Obi-Wan, sort of, who gave her this secret and revelation that made her go, ‘Oh my god, I’ve been wrong this whole time.’ So she goes and [tells] Vader, ‘I killed Kenobi’, knowing Vader would kill her. So that kind of ended his arc. She had done so many terrible things, I felt she had to die. You can’t redeem that much.”

Yeah, that’s a much better story arc for Reva’s character because it makes sense! It’s a shame the show’s creative team didn’t stop there.