New Editor’s Guide to Digital Platforms

Some truths are counter-intuitive. At first glance, the modern world looks like a desert of culture. It’s all filled with pop culture references associated with superhero movies and cartoons.

To make matters worse, these things aren’t even original. Very few intellectual properties are new. Most are created when giant multinational corporations buy the rights from talented people. Everything is a re-hash, a re-make and a re-telling.

Again, according to Mercurynews.commore and more people are choosing to become writers, and many of them are good at their jobs.

It just seems that people are reading and writing less. Pop culture is getting dumber, but thanks to the web, there are more writers than ever.

Before the Internet, people dropped out of writing as soon as they graduated from high school. They only sent postcards and occasionally signed their names on contracts. But that’s about all. The average person is probably reading a lot more these days due to digital media distribution methods.

Consider writing as a profession

Tangent aside, making a living as a writer isn’t bad. You can work from home, your hours are flexible, and you can do what you love. However, the downside of writing is that just like having a musical ear, there seems to be an element of talent that can’t be taught.

Assuming you have what it takes, you’re probably wondering where to start. In this regard, the Internet is both your worst enemy and your best friend. There are countless other writers online, each striving to prove themselves and make money. It’s the bad side.

The benefits of the web are freedom and independence. You no longer have to search for contracts, sponsorships, cheap publishers and constantly ask for validation before even a single article/book hits the market.

These online platforms act as an intermediary and offer you many opportunities in return.

For those of us who are a bit older, we might recognize this platform by its old name: oDESK. So you are a talented writer and want to start working immediately. Upwork can help you do this.

This site acts as a billboard combined with a retailer. People just post jobs that need to be done, from programming to consulting or writing. You will respond, bid for that job, and wait to be accepted.

There will be other applicants for the same jobs, but a disproportionate number of sufficiently talented people.

And just like a merchant site, you will accumulate positive reviews and fill your portfolio as you go. The jobs themselves are quite diverse, ranging from business writing to creative writing, SEO content, and many other types.

You can develop a very lucrative career on this site. Moreover, Upwork has a system that guarantees that you will not be scammed.

In the past, a person might simply not pay you after sending the job. Now, when a contract starts, the funds are automatically blocked by the site and the contractor cannot run away with them.

The only problem is the time investment. Do you want to make a living as a writer or just keep it as a side hustle?

If you are just starting out, your first contracts will be very small. For a month or two, expect to work for pennies. Then, as you gain rating and reputation, you can bid for more impressive rates.

2. Essay Writing Sites

Essay writing services are legit. They offer you the opportunity to monetize and showcase your writing. There are dozens of such sites, so I won’t name one in particular. Most do good work.

Their standards may be higher and some may require you to pass a test or present a diploma before being hired.

So what are writing sites?

Well, this sub-industry was born due to the declining quality of college education and the deteriorating economy. More and more people cannot simply rely on their parents to keep them in college. Some have to work and go into debt.

Essay sites act as a pressure relief valve, offering to write some of your homework in exchange for compensation. Of course, you’ll have to be a much better writer, and the standards are considerably higher with this job.

It can be a long way from just writing YouTube scripts, blogs, or product reviews. If you think you can live up to expectations, give it a try. Testing sites aren’t going anywhere.

3. Medium

Medium was designed to be the anti-Twitter. While Twitter in its early days required you to contain your thoughts in 140 characters, Medium wanted to accommodate longer and more elaborate articles. Most of what you can find here ranges from 1,000 to 3,000 words.

There are very few restrictions on what you can post, allowing users to be creative.

A common misconception is that all creative writing must be functional. This assumption is false, given that the majority of content found on Medium is non-fiction. Fiction is not banned, but rather remains a subculture.

Average readers are not like other Internet users. They are surprisingly well-read and clever. It will be very difficult to stand out and impress them. You must demonstrate that you are knowledgeable, wise, interesting, inspiring or just very correct in your assessments.

You can share your work experience, self-improvement tips, and even philosophy articles.

To put it straight: if you want people on Medium to like you, make sure you put your best foot forward.

4. LinkedIn

Don’t click and listen to me. This site is to employment what Facebook is to socializing. And just like Facebook, you better select the highlights of your life. Many features can help you get hired by a big company or just look more professional.

You can build a network of contacts who might come in handy someday. Also, you can ask people to publicly praise and recommend your work. There is no special access control that makes this platform available only to writers, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be used to advertise your written work.


If you want to be a good writer, choose your jobs, and get rid of binding editor contracts and control, be prepared to sacrifice some comfort. Self-owned freelance writers must act as publishers, agents, advertisers, proofreaders, etc.

You are the business you are selling, so be sure to build a significant online presence.