New book, co-written by South Lake Tahoe writer, wins award

South Lake Tahoe writer Cal Orey has co-authored a new book.

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. — Cal Orey, bestselling author of the Healing Powers series, and Richard Westberg, retired engineer and Carl Sagan enthusiast, aim for the stars in their new book The Evolutionary Cosmos: Outside-In Thinking the Universe.

So what do you get when a book is written not just from the perspective of a science enthusiast and progressive thinker, but also a veteran writer of earth change science?

A book full of insightful theories with interesting down-to-earth anecdotes, plus essential tools to help you learn more about outer space.

Orey, who has been writing about earth changes such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and weather for decades, was taken out of her comfort zone when writing about outer space. It wasn’t until Westberg asked for help with the project that Cal hesitantly accepted the challenge.

The Evolutionary Cosmos: Outside-In Thinking the Universe takes readers on a journey through the one-dimensional and two-dimensional realms of magnetism that lead to our three-dimensional world. Readers will discover how eddy currents cause cryovolcanoes on the tiny planet Ceres and solar flares on the Sun.

“It’s not the same old things your high school teachers taught you about the Cosmos. It is “thinking from the outside inside the Universe”. Our wish is that readers enjoy close encounters with how these intriguing topics come from fresh thinking using new science and logical thinking,” Orey said.

The collaboration between the two authors consisted of Westberg sending two chapters at a time, and Orey ironing out the rough edges.

“Writing a book takes less time than doing research from scratch. For “Cosmos”, a lot of the material was there. My gift is to write, so it’s a gift to have done most of the research like Richard did. I can get to work and rework each chapter so that it has a beginning, middle and end and is consistent with the rest of the chapters. Plus, weaving stories with and sprinkling images with simplified one-word science text is fun. Simply put, I help make dry reading sing,” Orey said.

Although Westberg had been working on his theories for several years at the time of writing, the book took a total of seven months to complete.

At the end, “Cosmos received kudos for Westberg’s out-of-the-box thinking and Orey’s vivid descriptions. The book won #1 Best Nonfiction Book for the 2022 Pacific Review Awards. The Evolutionary Cosmos: Outside-In Thinking the Universe is available wherever books are sold, including Amazon and http://www.

When asked if there were any new books or projects on the horizon, Orey replied, “Yes. I am on the moon. New York bestseller “The Healing Powers of Honey” will be released as an audiobook. There are so many road trips with dogs and girls and South Lake Tahoe tales. I co-wrote/currently market a contemporary romance novel “The Comet” based in Northern California. Last but not least, I’m working on a heartfelt story about two Southern men with an underlying theme of the civil rights movement in the 1950s and 1960s.”