NBA writer destroys Knicks for latest media move

The new NBA season is fast approaching and the New York Knicks have a lot of questions to answer.

The biggest question for fans is: how will the team turn the tide and turn around the dreadful season they just had?

Surely the Knicks have an idea and a plan to make it happen, but they won’t tell the press about it.

The Knicks will host live streams in which players will speak and communicate with fans but will not answer questions.

The first of these streams took place on the 12th and featured RJ Barrett.

The absence of the press and their hard-hitting questions upset some and led NBA writer Howard Megdal to unload on the team.

“The real thing is that the Knicks have kind of convinced a significant portion of their fanbase that they’re the victims here, and so fans should support less information about the team they’re supporting. ‘roots. Never ceases to amaze me,’ Megdal said on Twitter.

Is the summary of Megdal’s situation accurate?

The Knicks need answers

The team’s fans have the right to ask serious questions of their team.

The press also has the right to ask.

It certainly seems like the Knicks are dodging those questions and instead trying to paint a happy picture heading into the new season.

You can’t necessarily blame them for avoiding the harsh commentary that will come from the notoriously intense New York press.

But they should be ready for an even tougher reaction from the crowd if they don’t really come together and have a solid season.

Loyal fans demand more from their favorite team.