‘Multiverse of Madness’ Writer Michael Waldron Has Unveiled Mind-blowing Details About THAT Scene, THOSE Characters, and the Horrific Moment People Might Have Missed in Theater

I also love him because he doesn’t care about spilling the tea on backstage even though Disney had PR ready to shoot him in the head if he revealed one of The Mouse’s biggest secrets. In fact, I’m too old to say spill the tea if the kids still do that. Anyway, here are some of the nuggets we were able to find at his place as an appetizer for the video above:

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– Wong was on the block of his Grim Reaper pen during the writing process, but Waldron decided to keep it for fear of pissing off this guy.

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Waldron may have joked about being afraid to piss off the Basement Boyz, but I choose to believe that we kept our best friend Wong alive.

– Kevin Feige lobbied for Professor X to be in the yellow floating chair and for the X-Men jingle to be included in the movie as presented, which gave me the most corny nostalgic thrill of all the time.

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I’ve said it a million times but I’ll say it a million times after I hear Waldron tell this story. #TrustTheFeige. Forever and ever.

– Speaking of THE X-Man, Waldron promised me he didn’t write about my guy Charles getting killed in the super gruesome way he was on the big screen, which I didn’t even didn’t notice while I was watching.

After years of saying I hoped we’d see Wanda become Scarlet Witch over everyone because she’s one of the strongest characters in the MCU, I loved seeing her play out on screen, even if that meant murdering beloved superheroes while doing this. As for how she did it, I wish someone had told me before the interview.

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This is next-level crap, like when a wrestler uses their opponent’s finishing move on their opponent to defeat them.

– Waldron is also writing Kevin Feige’s Star Wars movie and didn’t exactly promise he was going to realize the biggest conspiracy theory from a galaxy far, far away, but he didn’t bring it down either…

For more on everything that happened during the filming of Doctor Strange, including the covid rewrites and the influence The Red Wedding had on the MCU, watch the YouTube above or listen to the podcast below.


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