Moon Knight Writer Reveals The Surprising Inspiration For The Hero’s Costume

Jeremy Slater recently took Twitter and talked about some of the creative team’s inspirations for Moon Knight’s costume on the show. According to the writer, he knew from the start that the costume had to be “supernatural”, and the creative team settled on the idea that the costume should be “conjured” so that it felt “visually distinct from all of the Stark/nanotech suits that currently populate the MCU.”

The writer went on to explain that they consulted with producer Nick Pepin while coming up with ideas for the character’s look. It was Pepin’s job to rummage through Marvel vaults and compile every bit of “Moon Knight” reference material he could find. This led the team to discover the “Universe X” incarnation of the mysterious hero, created by Alex Ross, Doug Braithwaite and Jim Krueger. Using the “Universe X” comic as a visual reference, they pitched the idea to Kevin Feige and he loved it. However, Feige suggested combining the “Universe X” outfit with Moon Knight’s modern aesthetic, and the rest is history.

Slater concluded the thread by stating that this is one of the “coolest” costumes Marvel has ever created, and he thanked the artists and designers for bringing it to screen.