Mike Wills reviews ‘The Lost Heart of Asia’ by travel writer Colin Thubron

Mike Wills reviews “The Lost Heart of Asia” by Colin Thubron.

  • Colin Thubron is a British writer and novelist.
  • The Lost Heart of Asia takes readers on a journey through Central Asia
  • The book was first published in September 1994

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the Lost Heart of Asia gives the reader a glimpse of a vast expanse of an underexplored region of our planet, Central Asia.

It is written by British writer and novelist Colin Thubron, considered by many to be one of the greatest travel writers of all time.

It takes the reader to little-known places like Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and other newly independent republics that emerged after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The book will take you on a historical tour of a region that was little or not covered until recently.

He is the most fabulous writer.

Mike Wills – CapeTalk presenter

All those states that fell apart as a result of the collapse of the Soviet Union, and he went there right after that collapse. He travels hard, meets people and absorbs reactions to this new reality.

Mike Wills – CapeTalk presenter

The writing is simply magnificent. He’s such an erudite and interesting man with a beautiful style of writing, but he wears it lightly.

Mike Wills – CapeTalk presenter

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