Meryl Streep’s version of Cage’s massive talent excites original writer

EXCLUSIVE: The Unbearable Weight of Huge Talent, writer Kevin Etten reveals he’d love to make a sequel meta movie starring Meryl Streep

The unbearable weight of massive talent Writer Kevin Etten says he would love to do a similar movie starring Meryl Streep. The unbearable weight of massive talent, directed and co-written by Tom Gormican, focuses on Hollywood legend Nicolas Cage and serves as a meta-celebration of his long and diverse career. The film sees Cage playing a cash-strapped version of himself as he decides to make a paid appearance at a billionaire mega-fan’s birthday party. When it turns out the billionaire (Pedro Pascal) is actually a drug lord, things quickly spiral out of control. The unbearable weight of Massive Talent hit theaters on April 22 and has consistently enjoyed positive reviews.


Cage and Streep aren’t two actors that many would immediately compare. Over the years, Cage cultivated a rumor that he would accept any role offered to him. This speculation stems from the fact that the actor continues to produce film after film every year, with each project often varying widely in quality and genre. However, Cage doesn’t seem to care and recently spoke fondly of his so-called “direct video period”, call these roles “some of the best work of [his] life.” Two of his recent roles in Massive talent and Pork both received critical praise. Streep has an unparalleled career under her belt and holds Hollywood legend status. She has been nominated for an Oscar 21 times during her career, winning three.

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During an interview with Screen RantEtten and Gormican were asked if they would consider making a film similar to massive talent, but focus on a different actor. In fact, the couple explored this idea, Gormican jokingly calling it “The Unbear-downpour.” Etten revealed that many actors have been seen as the center of meta-narratives such as Massive talent. However, Etten said he was most intrigued by the idea of ​​a Massive talent-style film starring Streep. See his full quote below:

Exclusive: “We’ve definitely explored it. It’s impossible not to when you start going through names and possibilities. Someone just cast Meryl Streep to make a movie where Meryl Streep plays Meryl Streep, which is the best idea I’ve heard in one because I’m curious.”

the unbearable weight of massive nic cage talent

Streep in a movie like Massive talent is not as wild as some might think. Over the years, Streep has taken on some very unique roles and even worked in the meta genre in Charlie Kaufman. Adaptation (which resulted in an Oscar nomination). Oddly enough, Streep actually starred in this film alongside Cage, which could possibly serve as a starting point for an “Unbear-downpour” plot, as well as a connection to Massive talent.

Of course, as it stands, it’s still just an idea from Etten and Gormica, and it’s hard to say if a Streep version of Cage Massive talent will mature. Gormican said he would definitely return for a sequel to Massive talent, provided there is a valid story. The director also came up with the idea of ​​making a crossover between Massive talent and national treasure, though if Cage doesn’t return for a sequel, a Streep-centric movie would certainly be an entertaining avenue to explore. For now, Nicolas Cage’s original version of The unbearable weight of massive talent can be caught in theaters now.

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