Marvel’s Head Writer Ms. Bisha K. Ali Talks Massive Finale Reveal And Whether She’d Like To Build On It Herself

Massive spoilers for Ms. Marvel’s season finale, “No Normal,” await us, so read on at your own risk!

The season finale of Ms. wonder has come and gone, but fans are still buzzing about it. The eventful episode saw Iman Vellani’s Kamala Khan finally solidify herself as a superhero by tackling sleazy damage control. She also risked her life to save the new super powerful Kamran. Of course, many are still reeling from the game-changing reveal that was dropped in the last few minutes. But what was it like for the series’ head writer, Bisha K. Ali, and her team to learn for themselves? Well, the producer shed some light on that and also indicated if she would be personally interested in building on that aspect of Kamala’s journey.

In the last moments of Ms. MarvelIn the sixth episode of, the teenage heroine reunited with her friends Nakia and Bruno for a night out. The latter then told Kamala that while doing research for his older brother, Aamir, he discovered something about his physiology. Interestingly, his DNA differs from that of his relatives, due to what Bruno calls a “mutation”. That term alone was enough to get fans excited, but many probably lost it when a snippet of the classic x-men theme song played at that time. (Funny enough, one of Iman Vellani’s Favorite Kamala Moments Involve Wolverine.)

Bisha K. Ali teased this major reveal when we spoke at the Disney+ show’s junket – where she also spoke about prepare Kamala Khan for Wonders. Since the finale, she’s explained that the idea of ​​Khan being a mutant wasn’t something she and her team had planned all along. So when I chatted with her about the show’s post-finale, I was curious about when the creative decision came into play and who made it. I mean, does the head of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige (who had development notes) reveal such a thing personally? Turns out that wasn’t the case but, as Ali divulged, she learned of the revelation from another person, who knows the character quite well:

You know Sana [Amanat] was really our executive [producer] on this show, and it kind of came after our scripts were written… kind of the first scripts like, “Yeah, that’s what the show is about” had been written. And she was such a great creative partner after that point. And I’m so glad we got her, and she was really the communication vehicle for us for these things.

It’s only fitting that the writer/producer gets to hear from the Sana Amanat EP, as she co-created the Ms. Marvel character in 2013. According to the head writer, Amanat served as a good conduit between the people working on the show and superior -ups to the studio. The mutant’s development definitely came as a surprise to her, especially since she wasn’t too focused on the more important things happening in the cinematic universe:

For me, it always comes down to what this character goes through? And I’m so hyper focused on the Kamala arc and how we build it. And the type of connectivity with those [larger MCU] coins and things that are kind of, frankly, above my salary, those things come from above and change as they go. So yeah, it’s really up to the team there [at Marvel Studios] and somehow happened to help us know where we were with our process. But it really was such a joyful surprise for me to find out that we can do this as anyone else.

The a huge final reveal surely could (and should) change the MCU entering phase 5. This also reinforces the idea that Kamala Khan’s role will expand even after her appearance in the Captain Marvel continued next year. But if the character ends up falling out with the X-Men and other mutants, it’s natural to wonder if Bisha K. Ali would be interested in tackling this project. When I asked her about it, she provided some honest thoughts on the prospect while reflecting on her Marvel journey:

For me, when I think about my time at Marvel, the last two shows and what an amazing experience it has been for me Bisha, as an individual. … What a chapter in my life this has been personally as a creative and as someone who kind of loves this world. But with Kamala’s story in particular, it was so specific and so personal to me, the journey that she takes, and it’s a complete story, like taking her from where she started to where she ended. It’s a really complete story for me, personally. I don’t mean sort of, necessarily in the MCU. I have no idea what happens to him in the MCU. So for me, I feel like it was my heart. When viewers watch this, they really see my heart in a way, and I’m someone who[‘s] kind of like, ‘Okay, I wrapped this in a bow, and that’s what I wanted to create.’ … It was the story that burned inside me. And for me, I think maybe it’s time for me to move on.

Besides this show, the writer/producer has also worked on Loki as a writer and editor-in-chief, she has therefore been immersed in the world of superheroes in recent years. One can understand why she would be willing to move on. While discussing the topic, she went on to explain what she would like to see happen behind the scenes:

For example, would I like to be involved in some way? Of course, certainly. But as for being the head writer again for a Kamala story…not sure if that’s something I like [eager to do]I mean my answer might change next week, who knows? [Laughs] But right now I think the other thing that’s so exciting about the show, both in terms of the process and in terms of the story and the characters, it’s so much about the community, and in behind the scenes, a community of amazing creatives and artists came together to make the show, and I’d be so excited to see what any of those creatives do with their story in the future. So for me, I think it’s really time to turn the corner [the baton]. That’s the story I wanted to tell, 100%, and I think that’s it for me, I think.

Better to come out on top, right? I’m sure the company can find other talented creatives to expand on Kamala’s mutant legacy. (The directors of the series Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah in fact pitched X-Men as a potential Marvel gig for themselves.) Still, due to her great work on the show, I’d love to see Bisha K. Ali return to Marvel Studios at some point.

Each episode of Ms. Marvel is now streaming (opens in a new tab)so be sure to take a Disney+ subscription so you can see the show.