Marvel Writer Describes Clea’s Introduction as Very Essential in Doctor Strange Canon

The highly anticipated MCU movie Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness follows Benedict Cumberbatch’s final journey into the multiverse and parallel universes, where several well-known MCU characters exist, including the surprise appearance of Doctor Strange’s famous comic book sidekick Clea.

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In Multiverse of Madness‘ mid-credit scene, Strange is confronted by a wizard in a purple outfit played by Charlize Theron, and says, “You caused an incursion and we’ll fix it”, and cuts a hole in reality by opening a portal to the black dimension. After Doctor Strange opened his new third eye, the pair quickly jumped to the portal.

Talk to, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Head Writer Michael Waldron breaks down the impact of introducing Strange’s great love, Clea.

“We were really excited to introduce Clea,” Waldron enthused. “Getting Charlize Theron to play this character, holy shit! In the comics, Clea is Doctor Strange’s big love so to speak. The alternate Christine Palmer, as she says goodbye to our Doctor Strange, tells him to face his fears, be ready to love someone else, and face that fear of connecting with someone else.

Waldron also shared that Clea will be very “pivotal” in Doctor Strange’s new journey after an incursion, a collision of two universes occurred. This could mean that a live-action Secret War is finally in the works.

“It felt like the perfect time to finally introduce this very central character to the Doctor Strange canon,” Waldron teased. “Strange went into the multiverse and altered it as much as you probably could. I don’t think it’s a surprise by the rules that Reed [Richards] said he had caused an incursion. So now there is an impending collision of universes. But what does this mean for the MCU? We will find out. But we have a semi-corrupt Doctor Strange and Clea on the case! So it’s going to be a lot of fun.

After the heartbreaking goodbye between Christine Palmer and Doctor Strange, it seems like a good time to introduce another potential love interest who would more closely match Strange’s identity as a wizard, and of course we can’t think of. person who deserves the place next to Clea.

In Marvel Comics, Clea is an excellent witch like Doctor Strange and originally plays the Sorcerer Supreme’s love interest. Clea is the daughter of Prince Orini and a rightful heiress to rule the Dark Dimension, where she gained her powers. Clea has played an important role in Doctor Strange’s journey in the comics, battling different mystical entities and defending the land from mystical threats.

Although the MCU doesn’t fully follow its source material, with the introduction of Clea, it looks like the two are set for a really ‘fun’ adventure after the post-credits scene saw them return to the Dark Dimension. , hinting that Dormammu is going to be back to take on Doctor Strange, of course, with Clea on the Wizard’s side.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is still playing in theaters around the world.

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