Loki Season 2 gets a new editor in Eric Martin

LokiMichael Waldron, head writer, recently revealed that Loki Season 2 has a new head writer in Eric Martin. Waldron, who also wrote Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is involved in Loki Season 2, but Martin, it seems, will serve as head scribe. Find out what Waldron had to say in a recent interview with DigitalSpy. Waldron was talking about Loki connecting to Multiverse of Madness then back to Loki Season 2.

“Well, I mean, look, everything leads to everything, right?” he said. “We hired some great directors. [Justin] Benson and [Aaron] Moorhead [Loki season two directors] are brilliant. And Eric Martin took over as head writer for season 2.

“So the creative team is fantastic. Like Tom [Hiddleston, who plays Loki] once said, there is still plenty of mischief to come.

I’m not gonna lie, maybe I’m a little bummed that Waldron isn’t running the writing room this time like I liked Loki Season 1. That’s not to say the season won’t be as good or better. I already know a little about what to expect from Waldron.

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Waldron is very busy to be honest. Not only was Waldron the author of Madnes Multiverses he was also asked by Kevin Feige for a non-Marvel project. At one point, Kevin Feige produced a star wars film and it was Waldron who he commissioned to develop this idea.

Waldron is still expected to be the executive producer Loki Season 2. Therefore, I hope his hand will always be in the mix. i don’t think i can see Multiverse of Madness until next week sometime, due to life complications. However, I can’t wait to be there.

What do you like Loki Season 2 has a new head writer in Eric Martin? Thoughts below, or more on Discord as always.