Letter to the Editor: Writer’s Labor Shortage Hypothesis Lacks Logic

The letter you published on November 14 under the title “Roe may be linked to today’s labor shortage” is ridiculous. I would like to find writings in the Insight section that challenge us all to be better thinkers. Too often, I instead find writing that requires us to give up thinking altogether. This particular letter is setting a new low.

The writer (Meredith Kerr) fundamentally misunderstands or intentionally misrepresents labor shortage as a problem of insufficient population. This mistake or this choice allows her to take the strange position of wishing thankless and insufficiently paid work to these unborn individuals whom she claims to defend.

Moreover, whatever our feelings about abortion, we have to agree that pinning our arguments to purely imaginary events (like the hypothetical actions of people who don’t exist) is a fool’s game. Maybe if I had four kids, one would solve climate change, the second would end world hunger, the third would eliminate racial inequality, and the fourth would invent even tastier pizza. These thoughts should not contribute significantly to a discussion about whether I should have four children. Humanity’s greatest atrocities could have been avoided if only Klara Hitler had aborted Adolf’s fetus. Should we draw from this possibility a directive concerning reproductive rights?

A good opinion section represents a multitude of voices from the communities it serves, but I hereby remind you that you are under no obligation to print arguments that are entirely devoid of logic.

Joshua Jackson

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