Letter to the editor: Writer misidentifies source of threat to democracy

I read, with bewilderment, Jerry Genesio’s February 20 letter to the editor, in which he called on President Biden to take action to eradicate fascism, presumably in the United States.

Apparently he thinks the greatest generation failed to win the “battle” against Adolf Hitler, so fascism still exists. He further says that the former president “Donald Trump…has made it clear that the battlefield needs to be revisited.” Is he suggesting that Trump is a fascist or that Trump must fight fascism? It looks murky.

By far, the threat to democracy comes from the Democrats. A federal appeals court has ruled President Obama’s law requiring citizens to purchase health insurance or qualify as violators (is it fascism Mr. Genesio is concerned about?) as unconstitutional. Additionally, Democrats are trying to ram through “voting rights” legislation that the Supreme Court has previously ruled unconstitutional.

For other threats to democracy, read books written by today’s leftist leaders. I’ve read Stacey Abrams’ “Our Time is Now” and two of Vice President Kamala Harris’s books, “The Truths We Hold” and “We’re Speaking” (sounds fascist), and I leafed through those of many other leftists. . They tell their visions of the future of the United States, but, for the most part, their visions are unconstitutional.

And, if Mr Genesio is scared, as he says, about Trump, he can recall that seven people (including a group of four Australian law professors) announced four separate Trump nominations for the Nobel Prize for peace, as Biden’s undiagnosed distance is about to trigger World War III.

Kevin Benjamin
South Portland

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