Letter to the Editor: Catty Column Does Writer a Disservice, Maine People

I am writing in response to Maine’s bad review in the August 21 New York Post by Cindy Adams. I’m not a regular Post reader, so I had to do some research in order to understand the context of such a hateful review of my beloved home country.

Cindy Adams is a gossip columnist in New York; she had a syndicated column in the Post for four decades. At the height of her career, she was part of New York high society and represented that place and time in her sardonic tabloids and gossip columns. Last April, she turned 92.

In my opinion, his recent article on Maine was mostly an editing failure on the part of the New York Post. (It’s not that Mrs. Adams is blameless; a writer is accountable to her subject and her audience.) But the Post’s editors should have shielded Mrs. Adams from the inevitable backlash that was sure to follow the publication of such a mean-spirited critique of Maine – a state that depends on tourism.

This column obviously misdirected the voice of Ms. Adams’ gossip column against ordinary Maine citizens (and tourists). And her publication did a disservice to Ms Adams and her storied career as a renowned gossip columnist – instead she pointed out that her voice is out of place and outdated.

I sincerely hope the Post did not disrespect Ms. Adams and the people of Maine simply for an explosion of social media notoriety.

Kelley Mc Daniel

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